Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift List

Your wedding guests are likely to want to buy you gifts, so why not make their lives easier for them by creating a wedding gift list?

Use the internet as a tool for you to do your research and settle on what you need for your new life. An online gift list can be a very useful way of compiling your ideas together. If you are still struggling to think of ideas of what to put on the list, this guide is here to give you a helping hand.

Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift List

Luxury Bedding

One of the biggest factors in whether or not you get a good night’s sleep is the quality of your bedding. So, if you have never gotten round to buying some for yourself, why not put it on your list? You could even split it up into different items – duvet, sheets, pillows, cushions – so that you get everything you need for your bedroom.


There are plenty of items which come under the category of kitchenware which would be useful for you are your partner’s new life. Perhaps a nice set of cutlery which you can use on special occasions. Some high-quality pots and pans will last you for a long time and come in handy in the kitchen. Perhaps a nice set of wine glasses or champagne flutes for the times that you have dinner parties should also go on the list.

Interior Décor

Think of all the finishing touches which you could add to your home. After all, interior decor is very personal to you so you don’t want to leave it to your guests to second-guess what you would like. Perhaps there is an attractive mirror or lamp that you want in your living room. Maybe you would like some photo frames to display all the wonderful wedding pictures you will soon have. Ultimately, the choices you make are very personal to you.

Bathroom Items

Think of ways that you can turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. Egyptian cotton bath towels feel great after you have just stepped out of the bath or shower. Maybe you would like a nice new set of fluffy white bathrobes. These are the added extras which will help to upgrade your life, and are certainly worthy of a place on the list.

Garden Accessories

If you really want to bring your garden to life, there are all sorts of things that you could add to your wedding list. Perhaps a beautiful set of plant pots or some outdoor furniture items. If you are passionate about maintaining your garden yourself, how about some gardening equipment? Otherwise, some outdoor artwork can give your garden a totally unique look.

Ultimately, your wedding list is something that is very personal to you. However, hopefully, this brief guide has provided you with a bit of inspiration so that you can go into married life with many of the things that you need for your home together.