Five Ways To Make Your Winter Wedding Even More Wonderful

While weddings are gorgeous regardless of the season, there’s something especially magical about one held in winter. Not only could you be lucky enough to end up with some stunning snowy wedding pictures, but if you’re on a budget it will be a lot cheaper for you too. Vendors charge less during the off season so you get the same great quality they would normally provide but for less. Whether your wedding is coming up in the next few weeks or you’re planning for next year- here are some of the ways you can make it extra special.

Five Ways To Make Your Winter Wedding Even More Wonderful


The Flowers

Many flowers of course out of season during the winter months, but that’s fine. Lilies, peonies and tulips might be gorgeous for spring/ summer brides but won’t fit well with your winter theme anyway. One type of flower that’s easy to get all year around is roses, white roses could be a stunning choice and really tie your snowy winter wedding together. If you’re planning on a winter wedding before Christmas next year, how about going with a Christmas theme? Red roses, holly, pine cones and fir branches would all look stunning. You could even add diamante touches for an ultra glamorous touch that would look breathtaking with roses.

The Colour Scheme

As with flowers, very spring and summery colours might not feel right for a winter ‘do. Of course, you could go with any colour you like but if you want to stick with a seasonal theme, how about opting for blues, turquoise or greys? Again red would be a striking choice if your wedding was before or right around Christmas time. If you’re a lover of pinks and purples, you could still go with them but with more muted shades. Keep your flowers and the overall feel you are trying to create with your wedding in mind when you choose,

The Photos

One of the very best things about having a winter wedding is that your photographer could have the chance to capture snowy or icy pictures. These really will look stunning and are something different to most people’s wedding photos! Having the ceremony quite early on and then getting to the reception where you will be taking pictures will give you the best opportunity. If your ceremony is a little later in the day you run the risk of it all melting. Something to bear in mind in the planning process.


Fireworks are especially lovely for winter wedding, and because it gets dark earlier you’re able to have the display earlier in the evening. Extra touches like a basket of blankets for people to wrap around themselves and outdoor heaters will keep everyone comfortable. One thing to check before you start looking into hiring a firework display company is if your venue allows them.

The Guests

During the summer, chances are your guests calendars will be chock a block with weddings. By hosting yours in the winter you could actually make it easier for them. It’s a nice event to break up the winter months and the whole wintery atmosphere is different to what they’re probably used to.