Wedding Trends for 2018

The new year will be here soon, and it’s time to start planning your big day if you want it to be as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed it would be. In 2018, we’re likely to see some wedding trends that will take brides away from the traditional feel, right into a more edgy, dramatic style. Expect new age tones, richer textures and deeper colors when planning your wedding in 2018.

Wedding Trends for 2018

Here’s what you can expect down the road:


For the past few wedding seasonspastels were all the rage, offering a sincerely romantic aura. But don’t expect this to continue in 2018. Instead of the light and airy ambiance of the past, brides are expected to make their special days more edgy and dramatic. Such vibes will be accompanied with richer textures and deeper colors. Expect to see more burgundy, deep purples, and other dramatic hues, along with black accents. And don’t forget about metallics; brides will also be adding chrome and silver to the mix. Instead of strict color schemes, wedding planners will be given general color guidelines to work with to create the perfect moods.

Crystals and Macramé

In 2018, expect to see a lot of crystals and macramé at wedding receptions. You’ll find crystals scattered all over tables at receptions, giving the décor a glow like no other. Expect to see marble and other stone elements made popular for weddings in 2017. Macramé will make its debut on chair décor, wraps for bouquets, table runners, and more.

Cascading Bridal Bouquets

No longer will brides be walking down the aisle with sweet, petite bridal bouquets. In 2018, the trend for bouquets will be the bigger the better. In the spirit of the most celebrated wedding in the world, that of Princess Diana, brides will turn to massive arrangements of cascading bouquets to make their bridal appearances down the aisle.For a more modern approach, have your florist mix a wide variety of colorful blooms and pair them with succulents. Greenery is essential.


Long gone are the days of sequins for formal affairs. Make way for the more comfortable, cozy fabric known as velvet. Yes, velvet is back in style! And, it’s predicted to become a major part of weddings, giving them a more personal feel.

Velvet is so very soft to the touch, making it an alluring fabric for weddings. It brings on feelings of warmth while giving the wearer a luxurious look. This is sure to be the go-to fabric for fall and winter weddings – but perhaps not so much for the spring and summer.

Doughnuts, Drip Cakes & Other Desserts

Ok, so you probably already knew about the doughnuts. But drip cakes became really big for weddings in 2017 and will remain appealing to wedding planning brides in 2018. Naked cakes are fizzling out. Yet, the semi-naked look is in, with thin layers of buttercream being one of the most popular wedding cake trends.

Black & Gold Stationery

When you pair these two colors together, you create edginess as well as elegance – and that’s a tough thing to accomplish.For 2018, many brides will attempt to achieve it…but few will be successful. Wedding invitations are a good place to start. The same goes for engagement announcements and thank-you cards.

Industrial Style Venues

Outdoor weddings will never go out of style, but expect more couples turning to industrial spaces for their indoor weddings. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You get edgy, chic, retro and stylish all wrapped up in one venue. The trend won’t be for everyone, and it’s certainly not going to give you a “classic” feel. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to skip this trend.

Dresses…or Lack Thereof

One of the hottest trends for bridesmaid dresses is… not making them wear dresses. Many brides are having their featured ladies wear pants and jumpsuits instead. And, once again, velvet is the hot, trending fabric to choose for your 2018 wedding.

Prefer that your bridesmaids where dresses, but still not into the common, popular gear? How about the oh-so-versatile wrap dresses? Add some colorful hues and cool wedding jewelry, and your bridesmaids will be not just trendy looking, but flatteringly gorgeous!


Ok, so it’s no secret that pearls are in the middle of a renaissance right now thanks in large part to Millennials and pop culture icons like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kim K. But how you wear them on your wedding day? That’s another story.

Look for pearls to be integrated right into the dress itself. Not only that, but brides are starting to work the gemstone into the hair for a chic new take on an old classic. Oh, and while we’re on the subject – white pearls are so 1995. Mix it up with black, green, blue, and even pink colors.