Wedding Ring Ideas for the Groom

The bride almost always gets the attention at weddings, but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp on finding the perfect wedding ring for your groom. After all, it’s his wedding, too! If he’s not as keen on wearing jewelry, however, you might find it a bit challenging to decide on his wedding ring. You’ll need to take his personal preferences into account, and be able to find something that he will commit to wearing for the rest of his life. But then again, not all grooms are the same, and there are plenty of wedding band options for men that can suit any type of personality.

Wedding Ring Ideas for the Groom

Check out a few wedding ring ideas for the road-to-forever man in your life:

Three Stone

Three stone wedding bands shouldn’t be kept only for brides, grooms should have a chance at wearing them, too! For the groom that appreciates some color or sparkle in his jewelry, a three stone wedding ring should be right up his alley. Just imagine how a simple addition of a row of three gemstones would look on his masculine wedding ring.

Carbon Fiber

One of the sleekest options available for wedding rings, carbon fiber bands are among the coolest of the cool. Not only do they weigh virtually nothing, they come in clean lines that boast of a modern and high-tech look to jewelry. Grooms aren’t exactly known to be that excited about choosing a wedding ring, but show them some great carbon fiber rings and it will most likely be a different story!

Black Zirconium

Zirconium rings are lightweight and extremely durable, which makes them perfect for daily wear. Not only that, these kinds of rings are also skin-friendly. With a black zirconium wedding ring, your groom would not only have something he can wear easily from day to day, he’ll also look and feel like a million bucks with it on as its finish looks both exquisite and manly.

Natural Wood

There’s no rule that says a wedding band has to be made of precious metals. If there is, then that’s definitely a rule you should have no qualms about breaking! Especially when you see just how cool and earthy a wedding band made of natural wood can be. You can opt for a wood wedding ring jazzed up with inlaid mother of pearl or gemstones, or have the wood inlaid into cobalt or your precious metal of choice. Either way, this is one wedding band that just screams laid back and rustic – perfect for your cool and outdoorsy groom.

Fingerprint Band

A fingerprint is something unique to every individual, so having yours engraved on a wedding ring that your better half will wear for the rest of his life symbolizes his acceptance of you as an individual and as his lifelong wife. For the romantic groom, a custom-made wedding band with your fingerprint on it is a perfect choice.

Just because the bride usually gets that limelight at weddings doesn’t mean the groom’s side of the preparations should be less important, especially when choosing a wedding ring. Keep in mind that you’re not marrying any ordinary guy, so his ring, whether it be a three-stone diamond ring or one of those modern carbon rings, shouldn’t be plain and ordinary, either!