Filling The Dancefloor At Your Wedding

From start to finish, your wedding is going to be packed full of amazing moments, heartwarming highlights and flashbacks you will never forget. It is going to be the perfect wedding. After all, this is going to be the best day of your life.

Filling The Dancefloor At Your Wedding

For your guests, though, the best part is letting all that euphoria and champagne and merrymaking voice itself on the dancefloor. Don’t get us wrong, they will cherish the moment you tied the knot, they will let out a chorus of “awwwwws” when you cut the cake and they will go the best kind of silent when the food gets served.

But, the best part of any wedding kicks off with the first dance, and then continues right the way through the night; smiles etched onto everyone’s faces as their feet groove to the music.

The question is, how do you get the party started and, more importantly, how do you keep it rolling? Well, to help you out some, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips from people who really are in the know:

  1. Let The DJ Perform

It doesn’t matter whether you went down the mobile disco hire route or asked a friend with some decks to come and get the party going, you need to let them do their thing. Music is what they do and getting feet stomping is what they are great at, so don’t turn them into an iPod with arms and legs. That never works. You want someone who is going to play the kind of music people will enjoy, not the kind of cheesy hits your drunk Aunty Gem wants to hear.

  1. Song Requests On Invite

If you want to get people involved, then have a little space at the bottom of your invite that asks them for a song request. Not only will this encourage people to RSVP on time, it will also give each person a jam to get up and dance to when that time in the night comes. It’s also hilarious reading what people put down, whether you play them or not.

  1. Size Really Does Matter

So often, the happy couple gets too worried about the dancefloor is too small. But if there’s one thing that’s worse than a small dance floor that’s overcrowded, it’s having a dancefloor that always looks empty. That is a real buzz kill. You want it to look packed when people get up and throw some shapes.

  1. Set The Tone Early On

The hardest part about getting the party started is literally getting the party started. It is encouraging people out of their seats and into the realm of no inhibitions. Once your guests are up and cutting the rug, well, you’ll find they never need. So, to make sure this happens, get everyone to surround the dancefloor for your first dance, and use some fun choreography to set the tone. You could even have the DJ ask everyone to join you halfway through your first dance.

  1. Mix It Up

You can’t have a wedding party without some of the noughties biggest hits. Yes, we’re talking about The Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling”, Rihanna “Umbrella” and “Mr Brightside”. Always embrace the cheesy dancefloor fillers.