The Rise of Rose Gold Wedding Rings

The surge in popularity of rose gold wedding rings can be attributed to their vintage feel and warm glow. The rose gold colour is also considered to be more romantic than yellow or white gold. In fact, Apple adopted this colour by launching a range of rose gold coloured products.

The Rise of Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Brides are becoming more interested in rose gold coloured wedding bands rather than the traditional yellow gold wedding ring.

Read on to find why everyone is fascinated with this pink hue and why you need to consider it for your wedding ring.

First things first, what is Rose Gold?

Rose gold comes from a mixture of silver, copper and yellow gold, making it an alloy and not a pure metal. The delicate pink colour of rose gold is courtesy of copper. It’s known as ‘rose gold’ because of its pinkish colour. The higher the amount of copper, the more reddish it will look. Silver is used in getting the desired shade of pink.

Why rose gold wedding rings continue to grow in popularity

So, what’s so unique about rose gold wedding bands and what keeps them right on trend?

#1. Malleable

Rose gold can be used to work into intricate and beautiful ring designs. Gold is much more malleable than platinum. In fact, gold is the most malleable of all metals. This malleability makes it easier to create delicate and intricate designs with the rose gold. Gold is also known to be naturally soft.

#2. Looks good on most skin tones

Unlike yellow goldthat looks good on warmer skin tones, or silver that works best on cooler skin tones, rose gold looks good on most skin tones. Apart from this, it also complements your gemstones, whether diamond, rhinestone or crystal, making them spark endlessly. Therefore you can have a wedding ring made of rose gold and complemented by gems such as diamond for that extra glamour.

#3. Romantic and vintage

One of the primary reasons why rose gold is growing more popular by the day is because of its sentimental appeal. This is even more reinforced when this alloy is used in old settings that add to the romantic look.

#4. Durable

When it comes to the type of gold that lasts the longest among the three- white gold, yellow gold and rose gold – rose gold is your answer. Rose gold is more durable thanks to copper, one of its ingredients. Copper is known to be very sturdy and does not need rhodium plating. Also, the beauty of gold keeps improving with age.

#5. Affordable

Rose gold wedding rings are more affordable compared to those made from other metals because of the lower price of copper. Also, when you have a rose gold wedding band, you can select a diamond which is much lower on the colour scale. Rose gold also looks good on yellower diamonds. By adding a diamond, you will be making your rose gold wedding ring even trendier. The price of gold is also more stable than that of platinum when it comes to economic depression.

#6. Easy maintenance

Unlike white gold, rose gold will not require being dipped in ammonia solution for it to maintain its spark. A rose gold wedding ring will only require regular care to keep the shine. You only need to soak it in a solution of warm water and mild soap and then dry with a soft cloth.

Tips for taking care of your rose gold wedding ring

  • Avoid exposing rose gold wedding ring to hard knocks or blows.
  • Get a professional jeweller to repair the bends, scratches or dings when they occur.
  • To keep them clean, wash in mildly soapy warm water and then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  • Store your rose gold wedding ring in its jewellery pouch to prevent it from being scratched by other pieces of jewellery. The jewellery pouch that you put your ring into should be soft.
  • To maintain the patina of the antique rose gold wedding ring, do not clean it professionally or put it in an ultrasonic bath.


Rose gold wedding rings are right on trend; so if you are planning a wedding, why not go for one? The above are just some of the reasons why you should consider this romantic metal that is gaining popularity by the day.

The downside of this metal is that if you have sensitive skin, then you may need to be a bit cautious. This is because of copper and silver content which may react with your skin if you are allergic to them.

Rose gold wedding rings are also gaining popularity among grooms, and they can be found in a variety of styles for you and your groom.