The Elements Must Work Together To Set The Scene

When you imagine your wedding, you likely don’t just imagine one part of it alone. Rather, you imagine the day it will look as a whole and the overall scene of the ceremony, where it happens, and what happens after it. For that reason, it’s a good idea to approach planning not just with an eye for what you like, but an expectation of what you want. Consistent themes, a strong mental image of the scene you want to create, and a discerning eye can make things a lot easier to plan.

The Elements Must Work Together To Set The Scene


Does it look right?

The aesthetic is going to be the biggest part of setting the scene. Perhaps the most important part of that aesthetic is the wedding venue itself. Every addition you make, every piece of décor is going to be informed and influenced by the venue. If you’re choosing an old, established stately manor, then you’re going to want a touch of elegance and class to every addition you make. If you’re choosing an outdoor venue, then playing with natural materials and plenty of flowers can keep everything feeling fresh, vibrant, and alive. Choose the venue first not just because it’s the most important element of the wedding but also because it sets a strong undercurrent the rest of the planning can follow.

Does it sound right?

Your choice of wedding band, artist, or DJ might only be one aspect of the celebrations that happen after, but they can be some of the most important in setting the mood for the night. The ceremony is going to be beautiful regardless, but choosing music and give you a good idea of what direction to take the rest of the party. For instance, if you’re choosing a lively, fun band, then you can make other fun additions to the wedding such a photo booth with props that allows guests to get inventive and a little silly. On the other hand, if you’re going with a beautiful harpist, then you want a setting and a mood that keeps things in the gentle, sophisticated scene it creates.

How it feels

The scene leading up to the wedding matters just as much. Consistency isn’t just for décor, it’s also for how you welcome guests to the wedding. For instance, consider the scene you’re trying to create when you select your wedding invitations, or if you’re ordering any extra logistics help like signs to use at the wedding venue. One can just imagine how out of place it would look if you have a wedding that was set up to be the pinnacle of elegance and class but set out invitations that had more a fun, party-like atmosphere. It creates a disconnect that gets guests in the wrong headspace.

The simple fact is that there are plenty of different factors to decide on when planning a wedding, and being too open-minded can make it a lot harder to make any final decisions. Set the scene in advance and keep it consistent. It will help narrow down your options a lot.