Types of Wedding Bands to Match Your Engagement Ring

There are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a wedding ring band. First, you need to keep in mind how the wedding band would complement your engagement ring.  Second, you also need to take into consideration how the wedding band would fit the groom’s style as well as the bridal set.

Types of Wedding Bands to Match Your Engagement Ring

With all the varieties of rings to choose from, it can get pretty confusing pretty quickly. Here are some types of wedding bands that can match your engagement ring:

Your Engagement Ring: Simple Semi mount

The Perfect Pair: Thin Pavé Diamond Band

A simple semi-mount engagement ring is one of the more affordable engagement rings, and is perhaps the easiest ring to match, regardless of the cut. You can’t really go wrong with the type of wedding band you and your partner will ultimately choose to pair up with this ring, but something like a thin pavé diamond wedding band would be perfect to add a bit of an extra sparkle on your lovely fingers.

Your Engagement Ring: A Pavé Band

The Perfect Pair: Thin Band with Colored Stones

It’s a trend that has picked up the pace over the last couple of years: pavé bands as engagement rings. It’s best paired with a similarly-thin band made in the same metal but with colored stones like pink or blue sapphires incorporated into it.

Your Engagement Ring: Pavé Band with a Stone Center

The Perfect Pair: A Simple Gem-Free Wedding Band

A stone-centered engagement ring that has either a half-eternity or eternity diamond band is a scene-stealer, so if this is the type of ring that you have, it would be best to go for a simple wedding band that doesn’t have any gem at all. That way, your knockout of an engagement ring can take center stage.

Your Engagement Ring: A Three-Stone

The Perfect Pair: A Wedding Band with Similarly-Cut Gemstones

Your three-stone engagement ring might not be the most affordable engagement rings in existence, but it certainly is an attention-grabber. While you could choose to pair it with a simpler wedding band, a band that features gemstones with a similar cut as that on your engagement ring would be a better complement.

Your Engagement Ring: A Vintage Ring

The Perfect Pair: A Wedding Band with Similarly-Cut Gemstones

Vintage or vintage-inspired rings often have intricate decorations, engraving, and filigree features. The perfect wedding band would be something that feels cohesive to your engagement ring. This can be achieved by choosing a band that brings out your favorite design on your engagement ring, such as engraved hearts.

Your Engagement Ring: Shaped Unusually

The Perfect Pair: Something with Complementary Lines and Curves

The past few years have seen an increasing number of custom engagement rings that come in unique or unusual shapes. In choosing a wedding sets for such types of sparklers, go for one that complements its unique curves and lines. That way, both rings will lay in perfect fit on your finger.

Traditionally, wedding bands and engagement rings are worn on the same finger, with the engagement ring worn over the wedding band. If you opt to abide by this tradition of wearing rings, it’s all the more important that your rings perfectly complement each other and look gorgeous on your finger.