Putting That Cherry On Top Of Your Perfect Day

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s definitely a lot that you need to take on board. The word ‘Bridezilla’ definitely exists for a reason, because not only is it so easy to get wrapped up in every little detail, it can all be a bit too stressful too. So sometimes, you just need to take things step by step and consider each individual element to make it perfect. This is always the case when it comes to your cake. For some, it’s always going to be an afterthought. But it doesn’t have to be for you, especially if you want to be able to enjoy something extra special. So, to get you inspired, let’s take a look at the different kinds of cake you could consider for your wedding day.

Traditional Fruitcake Wedding cake
Traditional Fruitcake Wedding cake

Traditional Fruitcake

Up first, we have to talk about the traditional fruitcake. Because to some, there’s never going to be any other option. The traditional fruit cake always looks classic, and it’s a crowd pleaser – especially if you have a lot of oldies coming, or you’re family is very traditional themselves. So don’t necessarily feel like you have to be different if you’re opting for a classic angle with your wedding.


wedding cupcakes

Now you’re going to want to consider something that has been largely popular over the past few years, and is actually quite practical too. Cupcakes will always look pretty at your wedding, and you can get creative with the colors, flavors, and styles too – so they don’t always have to feel tired. You could even create a tower out of your cupcakes, so that you do have a tiered style cake, but just in cupcake format.

Naked Cake

naked wedding cake
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From here, we have something that’s very stunning indeed. The ‘naked’ cake. While many wedding cakes are heavily iced, traditionally in a beautiful blanket of white, not all have to be. In fact, the naked trend can actually look just as striking. The icing is sort of glazing the sponge, rather than heavily covering it – giving the cake a more frosted appearance. Decorated with flowers, it can often look incredibly stunning.

Cheese Cake

wedding cheese cake

Next, there’s also a cheese cake to consider. And no, we don’t mean cheesecake as in the dessert, but a cake made out of actual cheese instead. It may sound strange, but cheese wedding cakes have actually been very popular in recent years. And if you’re not much of a sweet tooth, then this could be the perfect quirky alternative to having a cake that you won’t even eat yourself.


And finally, maybe you are a bit of a sweet tooth, but cakes just aren’t your thing. Well then, why not scrap the idea altogether and serve up an extra dessert instead? These dessert cakes could be all it takes to make you do it – because even the pancakes look incredible as a wedding cake, right? They may be a little bit unorthodox, but if you’re not a big lover of tradition in the first place, then it could be the perfect choice for you.