Jewelry for Ankles, Feet and Arms

Jewelry for Ankles, Feet and ArmsThemed weddings typically make use of some rather not-so-traditional accessories and they bring about some fun with a touch of elegance. So why not add some focal points to the forgotten but seen areas of the ankles, feet and arms!


Anklets are a great way to add a touch of sparkle or a glint of gold. Wear an anklet if the hemline of the dress is above the ankles or the slit reveals the ankle. Anklets can be either a simple chain or beads (including pearls) for casual or daytime weddings. Evening weddings typically dictate more sparkle.

Foot Jewelry for a Hawaiian Wedding

If the theme of the event is tropical or Hawaiian consider wearing foot jewelry. Most Hawaiian weddings are performed barefoot, so take the opportunity to accessorize! The foot jewelry for the bridesmaids incorporates red beads or gemstones to accent the traditional red bridal color. To accent the darker red hues of the Hawaiian print dresses, look for garnets in your foot jewelry. You may choose to accentuate only one foot or both feet, whatever your preferences. Materials range from faux pearls to real gemstones.

Arm Bands for Grecian Themed Weddings

Another type of wedding that gives the opportunity of wearing different kind of jewelry is the Grecian theme. Arm bands are becoming increasing popular along with this type of event. They are often selected as the choice accessory for Grecian inspired gowns. The major drawback to wearing armbands during wedding ceremonies is one of comfort. The bold metal designs offer a dramatic look and often a little heavier than you expect. When selecting armbands always try them on and don’t be afraid to test them out for a few minutes more. Comfort is the number one factor when deciding to purchase this accessory. Themed weddings or not, armbands give off a modern elegance with a young sophisticated style.

Jewelry for the Flower Girl