Reception Location Questionnaire Worksheet

How to Choose the Right Reception Location?

In researching reception locations you will probably gather a large amount of information. Purchase a binder with folders or plastic page holders to organize the information. Aside from the reception location worksheets we’ve listed below, you will want to use this binder for everything: cake, music, dress, tuxedos, guest list, bridesmaids, beauty, flowers, ceremony, reception, menu, favors, rentals, photographer, transportation, to do lists, checklists, payment schedules and receipts, information for out-of-town guests.

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Reception Location Questionnaire

To keep track of potential locations for your wedding reception, print out the blank worksheet shown below, and use it when investigation a new venue.

Location ________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________
City ________________________________________________
Phone _____________Email or URL _______________________
Coordinator ________________________________________________
Date/Time of Viewing _____________________________________
Directions ________________________________________________

Distance from Wedding Site ____________________________________
How did you learn of this location ________________________________
Total Price Quoted ________ Room to negotiate? ___________________

Amount of down payment required____________ Due by______________
Room size_______________________ Room capacity________________
Number of tables/chairs__________ Wedding party table size___________
Size of dance floor_____________________________________________

Cancellation policy _____________________________________________
Facility Details
Total Hours Rented ________ From _____ am/pm To _____ am/pm

Are there charges if reception goes over assigned time? _________________

Given the time frame of your reception at this location, where, and at what time would you have each of the following:

Cocktail Period (time when guests arrive and wedding party poses for photographs) _________________________________________________________________
Receiving Line (guests enter reception hall as they’re greeted by wedding party)
Entrance of the wedding party (party takes seats after they’re introduced by the
DJ) ______________________________________________________________
Father-of-the-bride, Mother-of-the-groom, bride and groom’s first dance
Cake Cutting/Dessert
Garter/Bouquet Toss
Bon Voyage to Bride and Groom (if leaving early)
Are decorations included? Y/N
If not, can you decorate? Y/N If so, what is the allowed time? ___________

Is there a lobby or facility to accommodate those who arrive early? Y/N
Adequate parking? Y/N
Adequate restrooms? Y/N
Will location accommodate those with special needs? Y/N
Is there a coat check? Y/N Valet parking? Y/N
Who performs clean-up? __________________________________________
Is a deposit required? Y/N Is the deposit refundable? Y/N

Is catering included? Y/N

Must an in-house caterer be used, or can you use another vendor or
make your own food? ____________________________________________
If you plan on making your own food, or hiring an outside vendor, are
there kitchen facilities at this location? An ideal kitchen would have a
double stove, microwave, large refrigerator, dishes and dishwasher. What
facilities does this kitchen have? ___________________________________

Are table and chairs provided? Y/N
Are served provided? Y/N Is their gratuity included in the rental? Y/N
Does the location have a fully functional bar? Y/N
Open/cash or optional? ___________________________________________
If serving alcohol, is the facility insured? Y/N
If the location does not have a bar or servers, is there adequate
room for a bar and buffet area, or caterer’s station? Y/N
Does the facility have proper electrical outlets to allow for a band or
DJ and any amplifiers, instruments and other equipment they might have? Y/N

What do you like about this location? __________________________________

What are the advantages of choosing this location over others? _____________

What are the cons choosing this facility? _______________________________

Are there any solutions to those cons? __________________________________

How would you rate this facility, overall? _______________________________

When to Book the Venue?

When the blessed moment occurs where all planets line up and you’re date, wedding and reception choices all work out, don’t waste time, book it. If this is what you want, no doubts, then a delay only leaves to chance that someone else who has also been thinking about that date and place will book it before you do.