Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Think frosty sparkle when considering a winter wedding theme. You can feel just like a princess with icy accents such as snowflakes in shades of white, silver and blue.


Preferably indoors, out of the cold. A church can be a great place for a winter wonderland wedding, but most anywhere can be decorated to suit your needs. A location with a crackling fireplace can be absolutely perfect for your winter wedding.


Your invitations can feature snowflakes and colors such as white, silver, and even midnight blue.


The possibilities are limitless! Try ice sculptures, lots of crystal, faux snowflakes and icicles, and decorations in colors reminiscent of an icy winter day. Tablecloths with snowflake patterns in colors such as dark blue and silver can add a wintry touch, as can accents of evergreen and holly berry.

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Go for a bouquet that is all white, or try something that features icy blue. For a more traditional look, try lots of green white and red.

Brides Attire

Brides can sparkle in all-white. Great accents can be jewelry in the shape of snowflakes, in gemstones such as diamond, white topaz, and even blue jewels like aquamarine and sapphire. Silver and platinum adds an icy touch to your look as well. Keep your makeup matching with frosty shades of shimmering white and blue on eyes, and icy pink on lips. Blush should be the color of your cheeks when you’ve been out in the cold. A fur (or faux fur) shawl or other fur accessories, in white of course, can add instant glamour.

Grooms Attire

Grooms can wear ties and cummerbunds in shades of white, silver or icy blue. Accent attire can even echo the snowflakes found in your decor and jewelry.

Catering To keep in line with the winter wonderland theme, have an all white cake with blue snowflakes or a blue cake with silver candy snowflakes (see image above) or even white and blue. Serve traditional winter foods such as roasted meat, winter veggies like squash, apple cider and hot chocolate.

Castle Snowflake Wedding Cake


Tiny snowglobes can make great favours. Or, try Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a snowflake. A miniature tin of gourmet hot chocolate or winter themed candy such as peppermint can make good favours as well.


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Travel to your reception in a horse-drawn carriage. Bridesmaids can wear gowns in shades of silver or blue. Use lots of candles in complementary shades to add a bit of warmth to your winter celebration!