Mother and Father of Groom – Sample Wedding Speeches & Toasts

Mother and Father of Groom Speech Examples

Get ideas for your special speech at your son’s wedding with our Mother and Father of Groom Speech Examples.

Sample Speech #1

I am honored to stand here and congratulate my son and his new bride on their beautiful wedding.

Tom, your father and I are so very proud of you. We’ve had the privilege of watching you grow into a great man, and we both know you will make a wonderful husband.

Beth, it is with love and joy that we welcome you into our family on this day. We are proud to call you our daughter-in-law and are so glad you chose to marry our son. When I look at the two of you, I see the love that is between you. A love that is built to last a lifetime.

Let’s raise our glasses in honor and joy to Tom and Beth. We could all learn something about love from these two. Here’s to the bride and groom — you deserve all the happiness in the world! And your father and I deserve grandchildren — hint, hint!

Sample Speech #2

On this special day I am pleased to welcome our new daughter-in-law to the family. Beth, I couldn’t have chosen a better bride for our son if I’d tried. We are so very honored to have you in our family and look forward to many happy years together.

Tom — your mother and I are so proud of you. You’re a wonderful son and we are blessed to be your parents.

I wish you and your new bride Beth all the love and happiness in the world. I know what it’s like to spend your life with the woman you love, and I can tell you you’re in for years of love and laughter. Sure, there can be some tough times — but they only serve to make the good ones more sweet and deepen the special bond that exists between husband and wife.

So without further delay, I’d like to propose a toast to our son Tom and his beautiful wife Amy. May today be the start of a lifetime of togetherness and love.

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