30 Free Wedding Toasts for the Bride and Groom

You’ve been asked to deliver a wedding speech or a wedding toast during the reception. Perhaps you’ve even been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies and you have no idea where to begin. What’s a person to do? Here’s help! Here are some free wedding toasts for the bride and groom that you can use to express your thoughts. Also check out our complete sample wedding speeches if you looking for help with a speech.

30 Free Wedding Toasts for the Bride and Groom
30 Free Wedding Toasts for the Bride and Groom

Free Wedding Toasts for the Bride and Groom to toast each other:

1. Because I love you truly,
Because you love me, too,
My very greatest happiness
Is sharing life with you.
Every day you look lovelier and lovelier,
and today you look like tomorrow.

2. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
Here’s to you, my beautiful bride.”
…John Keats

3. The world is happy and colorful,
And life itself is new.
And I am very grateful for
The friend I found in you.

4. “Never above you. Never below you.
Always beside you.”
…Walter Winchell

5. Here’s to the woman that’s good and sweet,
Here’s to the woman that’s true,
Here’s to the woman that rules my heart,
In other words, here’s to you.

6. To my bride: she knows all about me and loves me just the same.

7. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

8. To the wings of love:
May they never lose a feather,
But soar up to the sky above,
And last and last forever.

9. Here’s to the man that’s good and sweet,
Here’s to the man that’s true,
Here’s to the man that rules my heart,
In other words, here’s to you.

General Wedding Toasts

10. A health to you,
A wealth to you,
And the best that life can give to you.
May fortune still be kind to you,
And happiness be true to you,
And life be long and good to you,
Is the toast of all your friends to you.

11. To the newlyweds: May “for better or worse” be far better than worse.

12. Here’s to the new husband
And here’s to the new wife
May they remain lovers
For all of life.

13. As Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet,
may “a flock of blessings light upon thy back.”

14. May thy life be long and happy,
Thy cares and sorrows few;
And the many friends around thee
Prove faithful, fond and true.

15. May your voyage through life be as happy and as free
As the dancing waves on the deep blue sea

16. Here’s to the groom with bride so fair,
And here’s to the bride with groom so rare!

17. Here’s to marriage: one soul in two bodies.

Irish Wedding Toasts

18. Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.

19. May your day be touched
by a bit of Irish luck,
brightened by a song in your heart,
and warmed by the smiles
of the people you love.

20. Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

21. May your heart be light and happy,
May your smile be big and wide,
And may your pockets always have
a coin or two inside!

22. May you have all the happiness
and luck that life can hold—
And at the end of all your rainbows
may you find a pot of gold.

23. May you get all your wishes but one,
So you always have something to strive for.

24. May the love and protection St. Patrick can give
Be yours in abundance as long as you live.

25. May the luck of the Irish possess you.
May the devil fly off with your worries.
May God bless you forever and ever.

26. For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way.
Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.

27. May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness come through your door.

28. May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you,
the angels protect you, and heaven accept you.
May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

29. May the light of friendship guide your paths together.
May the laughter of children grace the halls of your home.
May the joy of living for one another trip a smile from your lips, a twinkle from your eye.

30. Walls for the wind, and a roof for the rain, and drinks beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you and those you love near you, and all that your heart may desire!