Your Guide To A Fantastic Wedding Reception

It is said that the wedding ceremony is for the bride so one might think that means the wedding reception is for the groom. But no, the wedding reception is effectively an extravagant thank you to the guests who turned up. It is a chance for those who are still single to meet someone special and for everyone to have a good time. Make no mistake, once the ceremony is over people will move onto other things. Sure, you will get your spotlight dance, but then you’ll be off on your honeymoon. The guests might still be partying long after you leave. Unfortunately, people often forget this and leave planning the reception until the last minute. The whole thing is hastily thrown together and it turns out to be rather disappointing. Here is your guide to planning the reception the right way.

Your Guide To A Fantastic Wedding Reception


Choose Where To Hold It

When you choose the venue for the ceremony you will have the chance to hold the reception in the same place. You may want to avoid this option because it just adds on to the expense. Instead, throw your own wedding reception. If you have enough space you can hold it in your back garden. You can still make it look stunning by contacting a marquee hire company. They will provide a gorgeous marquee so that you can hold your wedding reception outside, where there is more space, even if the weather turns.

Arrange Music And Entertainment

Again, people will be expecting some entertainment at the reception. They will not settle for just hanging around eating and discussing how beautiful the bride looked. Unless, of course, there is an open bar in which case you won’t have to provide much else. But generally speaking you will have a DJ or entertainer to keep the guests happy. However, you can opt for something simpler by creating your own music playlist. You can leave this on throughout the night and it cuts out the need for hiring a DJ. There are companies such as wedding bands scotland & other firms who allow you to hire just their equipment to play your preexisting playlist. It just depends on how much money you are willing to spend because you must remember that it all adds up.

Food And Drinks

If you’re throwing the wedding reception yourself, you might be tempted to just buy some food and snacks, cutting out another cost. But that is going to put a lot of pressure on you and your partner. You can get around this by laying out a buffet of cold snacks that do not require a lot of preparation. However, you might be better off hiring some form of catering service. That way you can be assured that everyone will have enough to eat and drink, rather than going without.

Gift Bags

One last thing that guests expect these days is a little treat to go home with. Aside from a piece of cake, they expect a piece of memorabilia to take home from your wedding. A recent wedding I witnessed had small homemade boxes filled with chocolates. Another had massive bubble blowers that guests were free to use through the reception. Shop around and find the perfect little gift that will make your reception extra special for the guests.