Choosing the Perfect Band for Your Wedding Reception

So, you’ve decided to hire a band for your wedding reception,but where do you start? Wedding bands for hire come in a huge range of styles, making it’s hard to narrow down your search. To make it even more difficult, most bands will fall into more than one genre due to their diverse and jam-packed repertoire. This is both positive and negative. Positive that the band will play a range of songs, so there’s something for everyone, but negative because you’ve got so many bands to choose from!

Choosing the Perfect Band for Your Wedding Reception

Here we’ve listed a some of the most popular types of band on offer, so you can eliminate the styles you don’t think will suit your theme and hopefully pick out a style of wedding band you love. Read on to discover the perfect band for your wedding reception.

Rock and Pop Bands

Performing a range of songs, from the biggest and best hits of the last 50 years to the fresh and current chart-toppers of today, these bang-on-trend bands are high in demand.

Imagine dancing with your partner to chart-toppers from the likes of Bruno Mars, Oasis and Stevie Wonder. It’ll be a show stopping night, with cutting edge lighting, top quality performers and electrifying music. Rock out on your wedding day to your favourite songs from throughout the decades, with a powerful and energetic performance from a rock and pop band. There’s nothing better for a bride and groom than to be surrounded by friends, family, bridesmaids and best men on a heaving dance floor as you all belt out anthems and pull your best moves. Dad-dancing is encouraged.

Acoustic Folk Bands

Thinking Mumford and Sons? Festival-folk bands are the height of wedding band fashion. Specialising in acoustic folk covers of the most popular singles in the charts, acoustic folk wedding bands are a versatile and unique choice for your wedding entertainment.The charm of these upbeat musicians radiates through their performance, bringing a summery vibe to your wedding.

Folk bands showcase rustic themed costume and traditional instruments such as cajon, double bass, banjos and acoustic guitar.Acoustic folk bands are a versatile booking, as they also tend to offer a more laid-back daytime acoustic set, that’s ideal for accompanying you or your bride during the bridal march, keeping your guests occupied as you sign the wedding register and creating a relaxed backdrop to your afternoon drinks reception.

Jazz and Swing Bands

How about a touch of sophistication with a smooth jazz and swing act? The laid-back and relaxed vibe from a live jazz band is pure brilliance. But let’s not forget the astounding sound of a big band in full swing for an evening reception. From old school Rat Pack tracks by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jrto modern Michael Bublé numbers, their repertoire range is larger than you might think. Get the whole wedding party swaying to the sound of modern jazz and swing, all night long.

Soul and Funk Bands

Powerful vocals and groovy bass lines, a soul and funk band will leave your dance floor heaving. From the glitzy glamourous singers to impressive horn solos, everything adds up to make an unforgettable night. Inspired by the likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson and The Supremes, these professional and passionate musicians put on nothing less than a spellbinding show.

Vintage Bands

Vintage styled bands are astoundingly popular for weddings, bringing glamour and style to your wedding reception.With hits from today’s charts reworked into impressive vintage arrangements, these bands will throw you right back to the 1920s. Picture this:an elegant twenties inspired rendition of your favourite song, swaying across the dance floor with your new husband or wife for your first dance. Sounds good, right? Dressed in vintage style period costumes and equipped with authentic instruments, these bands will turn back the clock to a golden age of music at your wedding reception.

High-End Bands

The bigger, the better. With a big price tag but an even bigger show, high-end bands feature the most incredible and talented musicians and performers. Supported by the most advanced sound and lighting systems, they deliver a dazzling show. High-end bands tend to perform songs from a wide range of genres so the bride and groom are catered for, as well as all their guests. Super-bands typically feature multiple lead vocalists, accompanied by guitars, bass, drums and a pulsating brass section. The layering of all of these amazing instruments and voices creates an exhilarating atmosphere, leaving you and your wedding guests totally speechless.