The Offbeat Proposal: Unique Engagement Ring Alternatives

While some couples wouldn’t dream of not having a romantic proposal followed by a grand and traditional wedding, others cringe at the thought and would rather just elope. There are as many alternatives to the traditional engagement ring as there are couples out there, though, and you can easily put a huge smile on her or his face without using a ring.

Here is a handful of brilliant ideas on how to seal your engagement with something a bit different so that you can get started on your happily ever after as soon as possible.

Understand what she wants

Before you try to propose with a plant or something absurd, it’s important to understand what she or he is expecting. You want this to be a happy moment and not something they’ll tease you about for – well, the rest of your life. When you propose with something that’s not a traditional engagement ring, you should be very confident that this is what she wants and even expects.

The Offbeat Proposal: Unique Engagement Ring Alternatives
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You can easily find beautiful diamonds on other jewellery than rings, by the way, in case she loves everything that sparkles but is not the biggest fan of rings. Start by reading on and look through the reviews to find something a bit more original to woo her with.

Buy a vintage piece

Try to think about something she is passionate about, first of all, to make your decision a bit more meaningful. A ring is a classic symbol of unity and the first thing we think about when talking proposals; when you propose with something else, it should be meaningful and have its own kind of symbolism.

If your SO is an avid scavenger-hunter, go find her a lovely and antique piece of jewellery. It should be easy enough to look at a few local charity shops in your area or just hit eBay for some classic examples as well as – it’s a great site for anyone in need of something vintage that sparkles.

Get an engagement puppy

Charmingly unconventional and it will stay cute forever; engagement puppies and kittens are actually becoming a trend. It seems strange when you first think of it, but proposing with someone so innocent and soft is a great way to start your life together – or even a potential little family.

engagement puppy - offbeat proposal ideas
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Again, make sure that they’re open to marriage as well as puppies before introducing both of these at the same time. It can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least, if they haven’t considered either yet.

There are so many fantastic alternatives to traditional engagement rings, though, and it’s easy to make it work with your style. What about an engagement tattoo? Or spending a weekend to look up alternative and beautiful stones instead of diamonds?

At the end of the day, it’s really about sealing the deal in a way that you’ll cherish forever, regardless of it being in the form of a shiny diamond, a vintage necklace, or a cute puppy.