How Much Should You Spend For A Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a big deal. It’s a symbol of love and commitment and stands for a future filled with joy. It needs to be bought with care and thought. How much you’re willing to spend on a diamond engagement ring depends on each of the 4Cs.

How Much Should You Spend For A Diamond Engagement Ring


This is often the quality that raises the price of the stone. A one carat diamond can easily cost between 3000 to 15000, depending on the other Cs. A single stone costs a lot of money, but not a group of diamonds. So consider a cluster of stones amounting to 1 carat (or more!) and you won’t pay too much. What’s more, you’ll have a lovely looking ring too.


The cut of the diamond determines whether the ring has brilliance and fire. This is an area you cannot compromise on. If a diamond is badly cut, the facets are not presented well and this will surely mar the appearance of the stone. Too shallow or too deep and the diamond can appear dull, a piece of glass at best. Traditionally, the round shape has the most fire and sends out brilliant points of light. The square does not shine as bright, but it does have the least wastage while making and costs less.


When a diamond is created in the wild, it comes with a few flaws- inclusions and flaws are part of a natural diamond. If you have too many inclusions then the diamond’s appearance looks marred and murky. If it has too many flaws, then there are cracks on the surface and it makes the diamond weak and easily breakable. While Flawless is the highest grading here, you could go in for VS2 or VS1 for a good and less expensive option.


The colorless diamond will always have its takers, but for the edgy girl, black diamonds are a good choice. Pink diamonds are feminine and great for the woman who loves all things classical. Deep colors are in vogue today but make sure the clarity of the stone is equally good. Otherwise the color won’t show its best ability.

Apart from the 4 Cs, the metal of the engagement ring also determines the price. Yellow gold is traditional and goes well with a wedding band. Pink gold goes well with a bezel diamond. Gold does wear down in a few years and you’ll need to replace it. Platinum is more expensive but lasts longer. It loses its shine though, so keep this in mind and decide whether you want to spend so much.

The design of the engagement ring is important too- if it’s only a single stone, it might not cost too much. But a diamond design that is set with other stones will raise the price of the ring. A cushion cut diamond goes beautifully with other stones, while a brilliant cut looks good all on its own. Make sure that the stone is protected with prongs or a decorative basket.

Do keep in mind that the engagement ring is just one of the expenses you’ll incur in the journey to be married. Think about your plans and dreams and then decide what you’d like to spend.