Getting Engaged? Do This First!

Getting engaged is a major step in life. It’s a commitment between people to join their lives and move forward together through the good times and the bad. But before you officially get engaged there are a few things that you need to do. Read on to find out what they are.

Getting Engaged? Do This First!

Sort your finances

Before you do anything else, it’s best to get your finances in order if you want to get engaged. No matter how much you have thought about it getting engaged and then married, it can still surprise you by how expensive it is. That is why, you must know where you are with your money beforehand, or things can easily run away from you.

It can also help to know how you stand on sharing your money and assets when it comes to tying the knot. As some couples believe this is an essential part of marriage. While others want to protect their individual finances with a prenup. Agreeing on this beforehand is essential as it prevents any awkwardness or arguments once you have made that commitment.

Agree on expectations

Next, you need to agree on the expectations that you both have for the engagement and the wedding. This can include the type and cost of the engagement ring you will buy.

This is a very meaningful item for the most couples getting engaged, and no one wants to get it wrong. That it why it can help to find your engagement ring before the question is popped formally. As then you will know everyone is happy with it.

Decide how you will let people know

Another thing you need to think about before you get engage is how you are going to let your friend and family know about your engagement.

You need to decide this before time because it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and pop a picture on Facebook or Instagram. While this works well for many people, some families may get upset that they weren’t informed first. So get this very clear before you take any action.

Decide on the key players for the wedding

In addition to letting you family members know that you are engaged before you inform the rest of the world, you also need to do something else. That is start to think about who you want to involve in the wedding preparation and ceremony.

Yes, it may seem a little early to do this before you get engaged, but believe me, as soon as you announce it, most people will take this as a green flag to ask you about all of this sort of stuff. That means having some idea beforehand can reduce the stress and help you to manage this and make it a lot easier.

Decide whether to have a long or short engagement  

Lastly, before you get engaged, it’s best to have a conversation about whether you are going to have a long or short engagement. This is for you own well-being as you need to know how long you have to get emotionally and financially ready for the wedding.