Planning A Post Wedding Party

Planning for a post wedding party could be fun at the same time it could be tiring. Start by making a list of things to be done, whether it should a theme party or a normal cocktail party or a formal lunch or dinner. Also make a list of people who you want to invite.

Make sure to include the following points in the list for the party:

Location: If you are a having a lunch or dinner at your own private place, take the party outdoor. For that rent a tent or a gazebo, tables and chairs. Make sure there is enough parking for all the guest to park. Get regular weather updates if you having an outdoor party. Hire a disc jockey or a band it could bring energy to the party. But if you are planning a party at some club or restaurant make sure to book in advance, see the place is enough for all the guests.

Budget: Decide on the budget for the party. It’s the most important factors. According to that decide the guest list and the type of party you want to have.

Getting permission from neighbors: You don’t want them complaining about the noise and the parking situation (invite them too). Of course this rule applies when you are hosting your outdoor party in your backyard.

Invitations: Design a simply invitation or to cut down the cost simply call or e-mail to invite all the guests. Make sure you invite them two weeks in advance. Before deciding on the date asks your close friends and family if they don’t have any prior commitments on that day. Because you wouldn’t want to host a party without close friends and family.

Decorations: If you are having a theme party then decorations are important. But if you are having a formal dinner then lighting all over the place should look elegant. If the party is in some club then candles light dinner would be a good option.

Hire a professional to clicks pictures: If you want pictures of the party either hire a professional or if you simply want to cut down the cost then ask a friend to click pictures.

Food And Drinks: Set a bar with a professional bar tender making drinks or ask a friend to help. Hire caters for food; make sure to taste the food before appointing them .You doesn’t want any last minute tension. Also arrange for some party helpers for last minute details.

On Party Day, all you need to do is go by the list, and work at getting things done in the order that they need to be finished, don’t panic.

Last but not the least the most important thing is the dress you will wear for the first party you throw after being married. Do a lot of window-shopping before selecting the perfect dress. Make sure the dress get ready on time. if possible, no or little budgeting should be done on the dress cost because at the end of the day you should look the best.