Wedding Decoration Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Décor can often come bottom of the list of priorities when organising a wedding. However, it can be these finishing touches that add that extra sense of magic to your special day. Here are just a few tips for decorating your wedding venue successfully.

Creative floral wedding decor

Personalise it

Every wedding should be personalised in some way or another. There are lots of ways that you can personalise the décor. This may include buying special wedding supplies that fit a theme such as a beach wedding or movie theme. Alternatively, you could add a wall of photos of the two of you or personalise the cake to resemble a shared interest or hobby that you both have.

Create a flower feature

Having small bouquets and flower displays all over the venue can cost a lot of money. You may be able to save costs and make more of a visual impact by opting only for a big central flower feature. This could be placed by the cake, in the middle of the dining area or by the entrance of the reception lobby as guests are coming in. Choose flower types and colours that reflect the two of you.

Drape the ceiling

Flowing drapes can add a touch of fantasy to your wedding venue. They can also enhance lighting (and disguise an ugly venue ceiling). Most ceiling drapes don’t require fixings and can therefore be placed in any building. They can also be relatively cheap whilst still providing an air of luxury. Drapes can be matches with other décor such as table cloths and dresses to create a solid theme.

Get inventive with lights

Every wedding venue needs to sparkle. This can be done by getting creative with lighting. Hanging lighting can look especially pretty. This could be done with fairy lights or large Victorian style bulbs. For a more rustic look you may want to use paper lanterns or candles. Consider the time that you will be getting married – if it’s in the summer during the day you may not need much lighting. If you’re getting married in the winter and the reception is likely to go on long into the night, lots of lighting may be needed. Don’t forget about exterior lighting too.

Guide your guests

Make sure that your guests can find their way to the venue. This may involve putting signage outside to show where the entrance is or where parking is. Chalk board signs can be a stylish way of doing this. Also consider table placers and ceremony seating placers so that people know where they should be positioned. You can creatively stylise these placers too by attaching them to an individual gift or using nicknames where appropriate. If you have a guestbook for putting messages in, make sure that this is also clearly signposted.