From Silver Service To Sausages On Sticks: The Best Wedding Breakfast Ideas

You’ve booked a venue, you’ve found the dress, and you’ve set a date. Now, it’s time to plan the details and focus on styling your wedding and feeding your guests. If you’re wondering about catering options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fantastic ideas that will suit all budgets, styles, and themes.

The Best Wedding Breakfast Ideas

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Traditional weddings

Many couples dream of having a traditional wedding with a sit-down meal. When you choose this option, you’re often given a choice of caterers and menus. Some venues provide catering while others may offer recommendations. When you meet the caterer, you can go through ideas, and organise a tasting session. It’s always a good idea to go with popular choices that most people like. But make sure you’re choosing a menu that you’re happy with. Don’t sacrifice a fillet steak because chicken is more popular, for example. If you’re having a formal wedding breakfast, a table plan is advisable. It will save you time and prevent chaos breaking out when it’s time to sit down. Think about when you want to have your speeches. Some people prefer to eat first. Others like to have speeches between the courses. You may also choose to have your speeches and then sit down for dinner. If you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to provide canapes earlier in the day.

If you want a traditional wedding without spending a fortune, there are alternatives to a formal wedding breakfast. Why not host afternoon tea or put on a sumptuous brunch, for example?

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Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings can sometimes be a little more informal than traditional weddings. Many couples who get married outdoors choose to switch up the catering and go for something different. Festival-themed weddings have become increasingly popular. If you’re creating your own outdoor event, why not swap silver service for a burger van or a pizza oven? If you’re hosting a barn dance or a country fair, you could go for a hog roast or a barbecue.

Marquee weddings

Marquee weddings are very popular, and they’re a great option for themes of any kind. The beauty of a marquee is its versatility. One wedding could look totally different to another. If you have a blank canvas, think about how you’re going to decorate it, and carry your theme. The style of your wedding will often dictate the kind of meal you serve. Have you got banquet chairs and tables covered with luxurious cloths and elegant floral centrepieces? Or have you gone for deck chairs, bales of hay or rustic benches? If you have a large party, but you don’t want a formal dinner, a buffet is a fantastic option. You can choose from hot or cold dishes, and people can help themselves. Sharing platters may be an idea for foodies while fish and chips will always go down well on the coast.

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Food is a major part of any wedding. If you’re thinking about what to feed your guests, take a look at these ideas. You may be set on a formal dinner. But if you’re not, there are plenty of other amazing options to choose from.