10 Reasons To Get A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Not experienced a photo booth at a wedding or party before? You might be wondering why they are so popular at the moment. Thousands of brides, grooms, bridesmaids and wedding guests have experienced the fun of a photo booth. You will probably have seen people tagged in photo booth style pictures on Facebook looking like they are having an amazing time at a wedding. If you trying to think of wedding reception activities or considering a photo booth then here is what they have to offer.

10 Reasons To Get A Photo Booth For Your Wedding
Pics from Jim and Lizzie’s Wedding by Naomi Pincher

1. Memories

When you look back on your wedding you will probably remember having lots of fun with your guests in the photo booth. You will have memories of all your relatives dressing up and taking funny photo’s.

2. Fun & Entertainment

Photo booths are normally the main attraction at a wedding during the evening. They provide hours of entertainment for all of your guests. They will remember your wedding because you had something fun and entertaining to do.

3. Unique Wedding Pictures

Photo booth pictures are completely different from standard wedding pictures. You will probably have lots pictures in different formal poses from your photographer and wedding guests. Many couples enjoy looking back at photo booth pictures more than official photo’s because everyone is relaxed and some of the pictures are quite funny!

4. Guest Interaction

What better way to get guests involved in the party than to throw them in the photo booth. You will probably find booth pictures with people who don’t even know each other posing together. It’s an excellent ice breaker and way of encouraging guest interaction.

5. Social Sharing

More advanced photo booths have the capability for social sharing, so your guests can share photo’s in real time. Then everyone will see how amazing your wedding is and people can socially share their photo booth experience.

6. High Quality Photo’s

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that photo booth pictures aren’t the best quality. In fact, they can be extremely high quality as they are managed by experienced photographers.

7. Guest Photo Book

Instead of having a guest book why not get  guests to use the photo booth to create a photo based guest book? They can take photo’s, choose their favourite and stick it in a book with an accompanying message.

8. Personalise Your Photo Booth

Everyone thinks photo booths are all the same, but you can customise your photo booth to suit your wedding theme and make it personal to you. Have the exterior designed as well as choosing your preferences for the layout of your photo’s.

9. Photo Gifts For Your Guests

Your guests can take some of their photo’s away with them if they wish, as the booths print instant photo’s. These photo’s are lovely gifts to take home and remember the wedding by.

10. Capture The Spirit Of Your Wedding

Your photo booth will capture the spirit and atmosphere of your wedding and convey how your guests are feeling through the photographs they take.

About the author:
Neil Maycock has worked in the event planning industry for many years. He highly recommends Blue Steel Booths for all your photo booth hire needs.