Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding can be an exhausting endeavour as it requires the bride and the groom to handle many tasks that include florist’s visits, negotiating with vendors, choosing the venue and a whole host of other things that just cause decision fatigue. One minor detail that often does not get a lot of thought is wedding favours. Wedding favours are now regarded as a wedding staple and for good reason. When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, favours might seem like smaller detail. But when you start to think about what favours will make a lasting impact on your D-day, you will scratch your head in confusion. There are many wedding favour ideas out there, making it difficult to get the perfect one. We have done all the leg work for you and come up with unique wedding favours that will make a last impact on your wedding.

Personalized cookies

personalized cookie favors

Cookies make for the perfect wedding favour. An extensive range of cookie recipes, coupled with frosting options, make cookies an excellent choice for a favour. If you want you can decorate the cookies with the name of each guest written with icing. This can serve a similar purpose of wedding place cards which help invited guests seat themselves at the tables. Technology advancements have created ways to transfer photos onto baked goods. You can choose to have the pictures of your guests placed on the cookies in the shapes of squares, triangles circles and hearts.

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Personalised Wedding Stubby Holders

personalized stubby holders

It’s a big thing for beer drinking nations like Australia, and a popular one for weddings. A personalised stubby holder for each guest, featuring a photo of the bride and groom, makes a great wedding favour. And best of all, they hang around for AGES. Years from now you’ll head around to a mates place for a bbq, and someone will be cooling their beer with a memento from your wedding. That is the kind of wedding favour you should be thinking about.

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Tea light holders

Tea light holders also make for a perfect wedding favour. These favours add romantic candle light to the reception tables. If you want to leave a lasting impact on your wedding, place them on each guest’s place and ask them to take them home to serve as a reminder for the wedding. There is an extensive range of tea light holders out there from bark tea light holders, to country and vintage style tea light holders. If you are having a garden wedding or a beach wedding, there are numerous tea light holders that can give your wedding an amazing look, too.

Live plants

If you a planning a summer or spring wedding, send your guests home with favours that feature attractive greenery and blooms. Whether they are in fresh or in seedling form, plants make for a perfect weeding favour. They are essentially cost-effective compared to other wedding favours. Plants in small, beautiful pots are unique as wedding favours. Choose pots that complement the theme of the wedding decorations. Simply mix both early summer plants and late summer plants so the colours can last the entire season. This will undoubtedly give your guests a lasting memory of your D-day.

Personalized chocolates

personalized chocolate favors

Chocolates are also a great choice, so why not get a bit creative and personalize them. You can engrave on each chocolate. If you don’t feel like directly personalizing the edible chocolates, you can extend your ideas into boxes. You can choose the personalized boxes. Simply personalize them by choosing specific colours. DIY favours can also be personalized to your liking. When you create them, you can opt to add your tag or just engrave them. Realise that readymade items have lesser personalization scope. So if you are planning to order the chocolates, guide the delivery company on how you want them personalized.

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There you have it! 5 unique wedding favour ideas that will give your guest a lasting memory of your D- day. These are few options out of hundreds available out there. Look around and speak to wedding professionals to know what trends are hot this season.