Adding Those Personal Flourishes To Your Big Day

Your wedding day is for you and your fiance. It’s your opportunity to declare your love for each other to the world and make it an official and legally binding arrangement. It’s not to be taken lightly and as such the occasion demands a degree of ceremony. That said, the modern wedding has become a parade of one upmanship with ostentatious trappings that make getting married in the 21st century a seriously expensive proposition. While not everyone has the budget of Beyonce and Jay Z, nobody wants an identikit wedding that’s devoid of personality. Thus, many couples agonize over how best to strike the balance between sticking to their budget and planning a wedding to remember.

Adding Those Personal Flourishes To Your Big Day

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It’s all about you

A lot of couples get very stressed when planning their weddings, worrying about how they and their wedding will be perceived by their guests. Just relax, and try not to let yourself turn into a stressed out ‘bridezilla’. It’s important to remember that as much as you want your guests to enjoy themselves and remember your wedding for years to come, this is your big day (and your fiance’s of course). Thus, it’s important to add a little personal color to give yourselves a sense of ownership of the day. How you do this is up to you, but there are many ways in which you can add some personal flourishes to your big day without going ludicrously over budget. Sports fans, for example, may want to incorporate the colors of their favorite teams into their decor or name the tables after their favorite players. Harry Potter fans, on the other hand, may wish to incorporate a lightning motif into their design concept or name the tables after the most memorable characters. Some couples chose to pay homage to their ancestry in their design motifs. Those of Celtic heritage may want to incorporate a triskelion while those of Asian stock may want to make use of kanji characters.

Sand ceremonies

Many couples are considering sand ceremonies as a way of making the ceremony itself a little different and given the array of wedding sand on offer at Sandsational Sparkle it’s something you may wish to consider too. A sand ceremony can supplement any religious tradition. The groom places some colored sand in a vase. The bride then pours sand of a different color over her new husband’s. Family and friends all add sand of their own, resulting in a beautiful multi-layered keepsake that will forever remind you of the big day as well as being a wonderful symbol of the bond shared by everyone there.

Adding Those Personal Flourishes To Your Big Day

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Design your own dress

Not everyone can afford a wonderful, bespoke wedding dress but designing and creating your own can be surprisingly affordable and easy to do. With a range of consulting services on hand to offer free advice and instructions, there are few better ways of making a truly personal statement on your wedding day.

Give your guests something to do

The key to a memorable wedding is giving the guests some ownership of the day by providing them with some activities. Photo booths are a popular recent phenomenon in which guests can take fun photos to take home or contribute to a huge collage or scrapbook of the day. While most weddings have a guestbook, this is also a great opportunity for personalization. It’s not unheard of, for example, for music fans to get guests to sign a guitar or other instrument. Likewise, fingerprint ‘leaves’ on a guest tree add a fun and personal touch for nature enthusiasts.