4 Wedding Planning Secrets Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

The cost of a wedding is enormous, and it’s because of the planning. Yes, the venue and the band and so on aren’t cheap, but the majority of the budget goes on the little things. There are hundreds of invitations to go out not to mention the save the date cards, all with first-class stamps attached. Before you’ve blinked, you’ve already spent a couple of hundred pounds without the dress being anywhere in sight.

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4 Wedding Planning Secrets Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

Wow, that’s a lot of money and a pretty big reality check. Every bride thinks the same: “let’s just cut the planning costs.” Although it’s tough, here are the ways to make it happen.

Ignore Wedding Merchandise

Everything with the words “bride” and “groom” and “best man” and “bridesmaids” adds to the cost. Retailers know you need a specific style and bump up the price as a result. Well, you can fight back by opting for generic party invites and business cards. As long as they are blank, it’s a straightforward task to add wedding-style decorations to them later. All you need is a free template, and there are hundreds of them online. It’s not hassle-free yet it might save you plenty of £££, money which you can spend elsewhere.

Hit The High Street, Then Go Online

The idea of buying your dress without seeing it first will send shivers down your spine, and it should. There’s too much to panic about without getting into a tizzy about the dress. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy the gown from an online vendor as long as you check out on the high street first. By researching the style and the length and the colour, you can save a fortune by purchasing the exact same one on the internet. As a rule, everything online is cheaper than on the high street.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent tool for brides-to-be because it lets you bring together all of your favourite trends. Then, all you need to do is pin the top ones and go out and find them at a knockdown price. In fact, the “buyable pins” feature lets users click-through to the site and make an instant purchase. A wedding eBook is also popular as it has excellent designs regarding everything from the photographer to the band/DJ. Lots of couples pay for things such as the band by going to see them live before making a decision. With a YouTube video, there is no need to waste the cash.

Set A Date

Not knowing the date of the big day is a problem from a financial point of view. The key is to book future services at today’s prices. That way, you’ll save a huge chunk of your budget by being organised. And, all it takes is a phone call or two, or an online reservation. However, it’s not possible without a wedding date. Although, you can book a venue on the off chance you get your act together!

Which one of these tips sounds like a wedding winner and which one is too non-traditional?