4 Wedding Tasks Only Grooms Can Handle

Many people consider wedding planning to be a bride-only zone. This is an event that you have probably dreamed about since you were a child and you naturally want it to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean you have to do all the work yourself. Your fiance and soon to be groom should be just as committed as you are to creating a fabulous wedding day. Getting him involved in the process will also ensure his personality and style is present throughout the event. So instead letting him take a back seat, here are three wedding tasks that your groom should be in charge of.

 3 Wedding Tasks Only Grooms Can Handle
Your groom should be responsible for writing his own vows


Writing his vows

Personalized vows are an excellent way to share your emotions and add some originality to your wedding ceremony. The words that you read out to one another should be heartfelt and meaningful. This is why your groom should be responsible for writing his own vows. While you could write them for him or use an online template, they won’t be as authentic. So encourage your groom to start writing his vows well in advance. This will give him time to contemplate what he wants to include and gives him time to write a few practice drafts. Don’t ask to read his vows or edit them before your big day. Wait until the ceremony to hear them for authentic emotions you won’t be able to hide.

Choosing his suit

It’s highly unlikely you would let your groom pick your wedding dress. So why should you choose his suit or tuxedo for him? This is a task that he is more than capable of achieving so don’t interfere. You can provide him with more information about bespoke tuxedos and show him current menswear trends. But ultimately the decision of what he wants to wear is up to him. He’s bound to want to look his absolute best on such a special day in his life. So you can rest assured that he will make the right decision. You should also put him in charge of organizing his groomsmen’s styling and accessories too. Just make sure he knows what your color scheme is before he starts buying.

Picking out groomsmen gifts

Tradition dictates that the groom is responsible for buying gifts for the male members of the bridal party. Some men however, aren’t really the good with the art of gift giving. They sometimes lack creativity, wait til the last minute, or others just don’t spend enough time and effort looking for the best groomsmen gift idea. When picking out groomsmen gifts, the groom should look for something that will make his best buds feel good and one they’ll actually use – whether it’s a sports item, pocket tool, personalized flasks or something for the bar.

Arranging his side of the guest list

The guest list is one of the biggest tasks you need to complete for your wedding day. Organizing your side of the guest list shouldn’t be too difficult. But it can almost impossible to organize your grooms. There may be people he doesn’t want to come, or he might have relatives overseas he wants to invite. The only way of finding out this information is by letting him do this task himself. Once he’s come up with a rough guest list, you can then combine it with yours to determine how many people you need to invite.

These tasks will give your groom responsibility and help him get more involved in the planning process. But why stop there? Take a look at your wedding checklist to see what other tasks he could complete in the run up to your big day. Or better yet, find tasks that you can complete together.