Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding FlowersSummer months bring out all the colorful local flowers as well as a wide assortment of flowers from around the world. Summer weddings are often outside services or even receptions, so it is important to keep this in mind for both bouquets and centerpieces as some cut flowers do not do well in direct sunlight. If you are planning an outdoors wedding make sure you consult with your florist to get the best possible floral selection.

Summer Wedding Bouquets

As with all bouquets the price will depend on the type of flowers you select as well as the actual arrangement. Many summer wedding use a cascading type bouquet and decorative arrangements to highlight the beautiful flowers and greenery available at this time of year. For a good quality professionally arranged cascading bouquet the price will usually range between $200.00 and $300.00, with matching floral arrangements for tables ranging between $50.00 to $150.00 depending on size and details added.

June Wedding Flowers

Pink flowers are popular as a sign of romance and love, and they are featured in traditional summer bouquets. Pink has many different shades and can be combined with soft blues, lavenders, and white flowers for striking and soft looking arrangements. Soft and light greenery can be added for accent, but avoid the dark greens, as they will “fade” the appearance of color of the flowers. Popular pink, lavender and soft blue flowers are carnations, bachelor buttons, orchids, gladiolas, hydrangeas, dahlia and bleeding hearts.

July Wedding Flowers

July brings about the thoughts of beaches and exotic tropical flowers. Often bright yellows, bright oranges, reds and hot pinks are used to create a profusion of color and happiness in bridal bouquets and decorations. These colors go well with many different bridesmaids colors, and of course look beautiful against the white bridal gown. Gerbera daisy arrangements have become very popular, along with orange and yellow roses, daylilies of orange and yellow, and hot pink calla lilies. Freesia also looks stunning in these bouquets, and can hold up well to the hotter outdoor weather.

August Wedding Flowers

In August there are a wide variety of two-toned flowers that can be used to add a depth to the brighter colors used in June and July. Try a rose that is an orange-red combination or a pink white combination to really add dramatic effects to your bouquet. There are also exotic flowers like bird of paradise or gorgeous deep colored orchids or lilies that can add accent. Chrysanthemums are easy to blend with a wide variety of colors and add texture to a centerpiece or bouquet. Soft baby’s breath can add a romantic touch and be used to fill in areas around greenery.

Many summer weddings use a theme approach, so consider flowers that match the theme. Daisies and sunflowers are a great addition to centerpieces to add a lot of color with a small number of flowers. Gerbera daisies are a wonderful option and come in a wide variety of bright or more subtle colors. If you are using Gerbera’s in hot outdoor conditions make sure that they are well moistened and use the stem support to prevent them from drooping in the heat.

Summer wedding really celebrate the colors found all around, and the number of flowers to choose from will be the best at this time of year.