Great Wedding Gift Ideas For Those On A Budget

Weddings are a special time for the friends and family you have in your life, the day they finally tie the knot with the person they are in love with. Many weddings are expensive, from hiring venues to organizing caterers so the financial costs imparted on the happy couple can make the lead up to the day quite stressful. Of course, they aren’t the only ones splashing out the money for the big day. You, as the guest, feel obligated to buy the happy couple a gift. But what if  your finances are low? It may be that this isn’t only the wedding you will be attending in the year, so your pockets are going to feel the pinch.

Great Wedding Gift Ideas For Those On A Budget

You don’t need to buy a gift from the wedding list, especially if it is populated with the finest china and latest appliances. If you are on a budget, here are six wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Embroidered items

    You can buy towels, bed linen, handkerchiefs, etc. at a low price. To give them the more personalized touch, having the happy couple’s names or character likeness embroidered onto them will add a special value to what could have been a very basic gift.

    2. Wedding bobbleheads
    For a fun gift, these bobbleheads can be customized to look like the bride and groom, and are guaranteed to make them smile. Stood on whatever surface the couple chooses, the bobblehead married couple will forever be nodding ‘I do.’

    3. Dinner for two

    You could buy the couple a meal at an expensive restaurant, but you could also pack up some items into a hamper. Find out what their favorite foods are, and gift wrap them. This might the perfect present because they are going to need to eat something after their honeymoon, and your edible gift will be ideal when the kitchen cupboards are bare.

    4. A date night selection

    Similar to the idea above, provide all the items they need for a romantic date night at home. You should do a little research into what your friends enjoy and then include items according to their taste. You could include a romantic DVD, popcorn, and a bottle of wine. After an expensive wedding and honeymoon, the happy couple’s finances will be strained, so your ideas for a date night will be welcomed.

    5. Useful gifts

    The bride and groom are going to receive a lot of toasters, kitchen sets, and glassware. Fine gifts in themselves, but a lot of them will go unused. Therefore, why not buy the couple a gift that will keep on giving.

    These could include a Netflix subscription, cookery classes, or an annual membership to a local gym or wildlife park.

    6. Somebody special

    Finally, any friend worthy of merit will not care what gift you give them. The most meaningful offering you can give is not presents, but your presence! Your continued friendship will perhaps be the best gift of them all, in the months and years ahead.