Fancy Upgrading Your Engagement Ring?

No one’s saying that you don’t love the ring that your fiancé proposed with, after all, it’s the words that matter the most, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. You fell in love with a classic three stone diamond ring but he bought you a solitaire, you ordered wedding bands that would look better with a sparkly sister or you want to celebrate getting married after a long engagement with a bejeweled beauty. Whatever the reason, an upgrade lets you to find the perfect new ring for you, however try to remember that it’s the love you both share that what matters and not how many karats your ring is. 

Fancy Upgrading Your Engagement Ring?

Angels Wear Halos

Halo rings have always been a popular choice thanks to their glittering, glimmering appearance and stunning use of diamonds to create a never ending circle. They’re bang on trend, and those looking to add a little more glamour are choosing to add an extra layer of diamonds which appears both modern and timeless. Halos can be made more unique by using colored gemstones, while the additional diamonds not only make it look bigger on the hand but as they catch the light it’ll look like a thousand gems glittering at once thanks to the luminous, iridescent sparkle.

What A Trio

While the solitaire engagement ring is as beautiful as it is practical, solo diamonds can tend to get a little lost on the finger especially if your wedding band is intricate or engraved. Why not give it a couple of beautiful friends and reset the stone? That way you’ll still have the one you love the most, but you’ll also have some additional diamonds that’ll make it look bigger, better and more brilliant. Choose round cut diamonds for a classic feel, or go for pear shaped or princess cut diamonds if you feel like picking something more reflective of your adventurous, free spirited personality.

Cool Color

Diamonds don’t need to be white to be beautiful! Mix things up a little and go for pink, yellow and blue diamonds that look amazing paired with sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts. Don’t just stick to color either why not change the band too? Nowadays, engagement rings come in a variety of metals so if you’ve found that 24 karat gold is a little too heavy for day to day wear choose white gold that’s lighter, more versatile and lovely worn with both silver and gold jewelry. For a truly unique, and utterly romantic touch, you could add you and your fiancé’s birthstones, or choose to include your wedding colors in the upgraded design.

I’m With The Band

If your wedding ring is engraved, studded with tiny diamonds or delicately wrought from a softer metal, you might prefer a more sparkly engagement ring band. You could either upgrade to a two row pave style or choose one that allows you to customize how many diamonds you’d like on it so you can decide just how glittery you’d like it. Remember, your wedding and engagement rings should complement each other so think carefully about any alterations as the overall effect may be entirely different to what you’re used to!