Winter Wedding Decorating Ideas

Are you getting married in winter? If so, there are a multitude of ways to bring beauty and magic to your special day. Winter weddings can be fun, elegant and romantic. Here are some tips to make your winter ceremony and reception as beautiful and magical as possible:

Holiday Themed Wedding Decorating Ideas

Choose a color scheme that you love, and that reflects the shades of the season. If you’re getting married during the Christmas season, you may want to choose colors that are commonly associated with the holiday. Shades of rich red like burgundy and cranberry are lovely, as are deep green tones like emerald and moss green. Accent these shades with some bright winter white for a fresh, festive look.

Mini Jeweled Ornament Place Card Holders

For a Christmas-colored wedding, go for decorations that coordinate well. Eye-catching snowglobes make ideal table centerpieces.

Miniature Wedding Snowglobe

Or, try miniature evergreen trees accented with sparkling white lights. Adorn the room with bunches of red and green balloons and streamers or swags of rich fabric on the church pews.

For holiday inspired flowers, accent bouquets with holly berries and choose blossoms like poinsettia and deep red roses with rich green foliage.

Winter Red Roses and Berries Bridal Bouquet

Hang mistletoe in every doorway for some traditional holiday fun. Serve a wedding cake frosted in snowy white and adorned with green leaves and red berries. Try red and green punch in sparkling crystal bowls.

Winter Themed Wedding Decorating Ideas

Another popular color scheme for a winter wedding is midnight blue with silver or white. Think snowflakes gently falling against a dark night sky. These colors can be reflected in every aspect of your wedding. Try a navy blue tablecloth accented with silver serving dishes. Serve blue punch in a gorgeous silver punch bowl. Centerpieces can be anything from silk flowers spray painted silver in a blue vase to oversized candles in blue and silver. Snowmen and snowflakes are perfect accompaniments to this color theme.

Winter Wedding Snow Couple Decoration
Let a Snow ‘Couple’ welcome your guests inside

Hang sparkling ornamental snowflakes from the ceiling or use them to adorn small to medium evergreen trees situated around the room. Place snowmen figurines on the tables or have a snowman ice sculpture as a beautiful and eye-catching focal point. Drape swags of dark blue velvet along the pews and accent with shimmery silver tulle.

Woody elements like pinecones and seasonal greens can lend a lovely winter woodland effect to your outdoor decorations.

Winter Wedding Decoration with flowers, pinecones and candles

The decorations and colors you choose for your winter wedding should reflect those of the natural world. It’s easy to bring the majesty of winter indoors and create a sparkling wonderland to serve as the backdrop for your big day!