Is It Time To Shake-Up The Sit-Down Wedding Breakfast?

The wedding breakfast is the first meal you’ll enjoy together as husband and wife, so it makes sense to make it spectacular. When you’re thinking about catering and food options for your wedding, you don’t have to stick to the firm favorite, the sit-down dinner. There are lots of other fantastic options you could explore. If you’re not keen on the idea of a formal meal, here are some ideas that will shake-up the old formula and impress your guests at the same time.

Is It Time To Shake-Up The Sit-Down Wedding Breakfast?

Grazing and feasting

If you want to adopt a more informal approach and encourage guests to get talking and interacting, this could be the option for you. Rather than having 3-courses delivered to your table, each table receives a series of plates and platters with food to share. Typically, dishes like antipasti and options like cheese boards work really well. Grazing menus are increasingly popular, and they’re a great modern take on more classic wedding breakfasts. If you’re keen to have a look at some sample menus and get some ideas, take a look at pages like You can choose a selection of small dishes and canapes and design a menu that suits your budget. If you don’t want a sit-down meal and a table plan, you could simply have the dishes laid out on tables, and your guests can help themselves.

Rustic buffet

Buffets are an excellent way to feed a large number of people without breaking the bank. This option is also really flexible, and you can choose from a huge range of dishes. With a buffet, there’s bound to be plenty of options to appeal to everyone, and you can mix hot and cold foods. If you’re hoping to offer something a bit different and make your spread a little more sophisticated, you could explore options like a spit roast, and serve freshly cooked meat with salads, vegetables, and fresh bread. Take a look at for more menu ideas and styling and presentation tips.

Festival food

Outdoor weddings are really popular, especially in the summer months, and more and more couples are choosing to adopt a more relaxed attitude to dining. If you’re hosting your very own barn dance, country fair or festival, you probably don’t want silver service. Instead, you could hire some mobile food vans and serve snacks like burgers, doughnuts, tacos and pizza. Some other great options for outdoor gatherings are barbecues and hog roasts. These ideas are also excellent if you’re on a tight budget and you have a lot of mouths to feed.

Wedding brunch

Brunch is having a moment, so why not embrace this trend for your wedding day? If you’re getting married in the morning, why not replace soup, fillet beef, and cheesecake with croissants and pastries, fresh fruit, poached eggs, pancakes, and bacon sandwiches? This is a cheaper option, and who doesn’t love brunch?

For many people, the traditional wedding breakfast ticks all the boxes, but a formal meal isn’t for everyone. If you’d like something a little different, hopefully, these ideas have given you some food for thought.