Wedding Color Schemes for Autumn/Fall Weddings

If you’re planning to get married in the fall, you’ll want to choose a color scheme that reflects the warmth and beauty of the season. Here are some ideas for great wedding color combinations for fall weddings:

Shades of Orange

Deep Orange Autumn Wedding Colors
Deep Orange Autumn Wedding Colors


Orange is a popular fall themed color that you can use for your wedding. Think pumpkins and autumn leaves when choosing your wedding colors. If pumpkin orange is too bright for your taste, then go with a deeper shade of orange or even rust. For your wedding flowers, try boughs of fall leaves incorporated into greenery and autumn blossoms like mums. Table centerpieces made from decorative squash, green foliage and rust colored or orange ribbon is ideal for this color scheme.

Gold and Ivory

Gold and Ivory Wedding Color Table Setting for Autumn Weddings


For a classic, elegant look, go with gold and ivory for your fall wedding color scheme. Gold possesses the warmth of orange in a more subdued way. Ivory is an ideal neutral that plays perfectly off the richness of the gold. For your bouquet, try greenery with ivory blossoms accented with silk gold leaves. Tables can be accented with gorgeous gold-tone candleholders and ivory candles.

Purple and Silver

Purple Wedding Color Scheme
Purple Wedding Color Scheme

When choosing a shade of purple for your fall wedding, think deep jewel tones like eggplant. Silver is the perfect accent color to play off the rich depth of the dark purple. Use candleholders and table accents of silver and try tablecloths and bunting in eggplant.

Chocolate and Periwinkle

Deep, rich brown paired with pale, neutral blue is a perfect fall wedding choice. The coolness of the blue is an ideal accompaniment against the dark warmth of the brown. Use silk flowers in pale shades of blue accented with rich brown ribbon and dried leaves.

These represent just a few color combinations that can work well for a fall wedding. Most any color you prefer can be paired with an accent shade that can add fall flair. For example, if you must have pink for your wedding, pair it with rich gold or dark brown. Shades of yellow can work well for fall weddings, as can any jewel tone like sapphire, ruby and emerald. No matter what season it is, you should go with colors that you find appealing. After all, it’s your wedding!