Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas

A Fairy Tale Princess wedding is the dream of many brides. Add the perfect touch with a wedding cake for a royal wedding. And what better than a cake inspired by the story of Cinderella herself. Browse through our Cinderella wedding cake ideas for the perfect inspiration.

Cinderella Carriage Wedding Cake

Cinderella Carriage Wedding Cake - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo! Cinderella Carriage Wedding Cake for Disney Weddings

Gorgeous Castle Cake Display

Cinderella Castle Wedding Cake Display - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
A beautiful display on a table specially created for this castle wedding cake. Smaller cakes holders are arranged at four corners of the table to accommodate small round cakes. The center top of the table shows off the large castle cake overlooking the entire ‘cake kingdom’. A great idea for a Cinderella wedding!

Fergie’s Princess Themed Wedding Cake

Fergie's Princess Wedding Cake - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
Fergie’s Princess Wedding featured a Castle shaped Wedding Cake. One of the finest fairy tale cakes of all times.

Cinderella’s Carriage Cake Display

Carriage Display - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
Looking for an inspiring cake table to go with Cinderella wedding cake ideas? Here is a Gorgeous Cake Display for a Fairy Tale wedding by

Cinderella’s Castle and Staircase Wedding Cake

Pink Cinderella Castle Wedding Cake - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
This cinderella wedding cake is composed of several layers. A long satin “carpet” flows down the “staircase” through all the tiers of the cake. At the top of the wedding cake, a beautiful castle cake topper highlights the most beautiful part of this pastel pink cake. At the bottom, the pumpkin carriage figurine represents the magical fairy tale of Cinderella. Add a tiny glass slipper to the lovely satin staircase. The perfect Cinderella Wedding Cake idea ever!

The Glass Slipper

Cinderella Glass Slipper Wedding Cake - Cinderella Wedding Cake Ideas
The Glass Slipper takes the cake! Placed atop a meticulously crafted edible ‘pillow’, the slipper will be the highlight of your wedding story, just like Cinderella’s fairy tale

You can find the Glass Slipper topper at:

Cinderella Glass Slipper

from: Online Bridal Store

Your wedding day is the perfect day to pamper yourself like a princess. Plan a royal wedding and celebrate your union with Prince charming with a picture-perfect Cinderella wedding. Try our Updo hairstyles or a more romantic fairytale wedding hairstyle (half updo) and a Ball Gown style dress to complete your look for the day.