How To Plan An Elegant Wedding On A Budget

Getting married is the day many of us dream about for years. We spend countless hours daydreaming about what dress we’ll be wearing, what our groom will look like and whether we’ll arrive in a horse and carriage or a Ferrari.

But then when it comes to actually funding the big day, we realise that actually, it’s way more expensive than we’d originally thought and that we’ll probably have to sacrifice the super luxurious transport now that we haven’t ended up marrying a billionaire.

Don’t let that deter you from having the most perfect wedding though. There are tricks you can pull from out your sleeve to ensure you have a classy wedding that doesn’t involve you remortgaging your home.

  1. Get creative and make your own invites

elegant wedding invitation

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This is actually becoming increasingly popular and these days it’s considered better to be making your own wedding invites.  There’s something really lovely about receiving home made invites as it demonstrates that you really want them at your wedding as you’ve taken the time to hand make and hand write the invite yourself.

  1. Invite less people

It might be a dream of yours to walk down the aisle with hundreds and hundreds of guests marvelling at how beautiful you look, but you need to decide what you want more. Keeping the guest count down will save you bucket loads of cash, so when you’re deciding who to invite to your wedding, consider leaving out those you haven’t seen in a good few years. If you really want to save money then invite direct family and your closest friends. Explain to them your reasons rather than just going ahead with the day without letting them know to avoid ruffled feathers.

  1. Find a venue that doesn’t demolish your savings

elegant wedding venue on a budget

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The venue of any wedding is of course the most important thing and probably your biggest outgoing as well. One way to get a cheaper wedding venue is to do it locally. Local venue hires cost way less than fancy hotels in capital cities or renovated barns surrounded by fields. For example, if you’re living in Haddam, Connecticut, don’t opt for a wedding in New York just because it’s your favourite city and instead hold your wedding at The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station. Get the gist of it?

  1. Ask around

There are so many aspects to creating a wedding and a lot of it is creative. Put a status on Facebook enquiring about particular skills you’re looking for – you might find that you have photographers, florists and entertainers in your network that will be more than happy to help for a reduced rate – or even just an invite.

  1. To top it all off…

budget wedding cake

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The cutting of the cake is a key moment during any wedding. Guests gather to watch the grinning bride and groom slice through their super duper amazing cake, but bigger doesn’t always mean better. There have been some ridiculously expensive wedding cakes created in the past but don’t feel you have to compete with them. Better yet, make them yourself or if your mum or gran has a talent for baking, ask them to do it instead of getting you a wedding gift.