Golden Rules for Mother of the Bride Outfits

Golden Rules for Mother of the Bride Outfits


Usually, if you look at “mother of the bride” outfits, you’ll see a particular type of style. Floral dresses, fussy fascinators, and dowdy jackets are just a few of the patterns you might spot. But at most weddings today, the bride’s mother isn’t a buttoned-up, conservative older woman. And neither is the groom’s mother, for that matter. More often than not, she’s a mature but still stylish woman. She’s often still under 50 and looking for an outfit that suits her style. The happy couple’s mothers don’t have to stick to the traditionally available outfits. There’s plenty of fashion that’s flattering and up-to-date for modern older ladies. Follow these rules and style tips to find an outfit that stands out for the right reasons.

Don’t Stick to MOTB Sections

When you go wedding shopping, there will always be a display of clothes that have been deemed fit for the mother of the bride. It’s a good place to start when you’re looking for outfit ideas, and you might find something fitting. However, you don’t have to stick to these retail sections. These outfits have been picked to look flattering for older women. But it doesn’t mean they’re the only thing that you’ll like or look good wearing. If you don’t usually shop in a particular section for older women, don’t do it when it comes to your daughter’s special day.

Flattering Doesn’t Have to Mean Dowdy

One of the concerns a lot of more mature women have about their clothes is covering all their “wobbly bits”. Even if you’re as toned as you’ve ever been, you don’t necessarily want to show off a lot of flesh. If you’re used to wearing a more modest style, you can still cover up all the important bits when the wedding arrives. However, no one said that flattering clothes have to make you look like a grandma. You can find high necklines, sleeves to cover your shoulders and long hems that are still bang on trend.

Add Some Color

Some mothers have the tendency to stick with quite neutral or pale colors when they’re looking for their outfit. They choose gold, silver or pastel shades, which can look good for some but cause others to seem washed out. Don’t be afraid of going for bolder colors, whether they’re dark or bright. From navy blue to bright red, you can add a splash of color to your outfit to make it more exciting.

Find the Balance Between Dull and Eccentric

One of the most difficult things is choosing an outfit that’s fun without being over the top. You don’t want to look like you’re going to church on a regular Sunday. But you also don’t wish to choose something that’s too fussy. Some sparkle and detail will elevate your outfit. But too much and you’ll look like the eccentric mother of the bride who’s more excited than her daughter is.

If you’re normally a stylish woman, you should have no trouble keeping it up for the wedding. Just don’t fall into the trap of wearing ┬átraditional mother of the bride outfits.