Look Incredible on Your Big Day: Tips and Tricks

On every woman’s big day, she wants to be sure that she looks incredible. She wants to wow all of her guests, and especially her husband to be. Ideally, she’ll bring him to tears of joy and disbelief as soon as he sets eyes on her because she looks so angelic. If this sounds something you’d like to do on your big day, use these tips and tricks:

Look Incredible on Your Big Day: Tips and Tricks

Eat Well and Exercise Months in Advance

Start as early on in advance as you can for this one. Eating well and exercising shouldn’t just be a short term fix for your wedding, which is why you should start in advance to get into a routine. It should be a lifestyle change, ideally! No fads or quick fixes, or you’ll end up right back at the start. Simply fill up on healthy foods, and track them to be sure you’re not overeating. It isn’t about starving yourself or cutting carbs at all. Find a form of exercise you like and commit to doing it 3 times per week. Bear in mind that resistance training is the best way to shape and sculpt the body.

Take Care of Your Skin, Hair, and Nails Consistently

You want your skin, hair, and nails to look perfect on your big day. Diet and exercise will play a part in this, but so will your efforts. Apply oil and protective polish to your nails regularly. Nourish your hair with intensive treatments and stop using heat treatments as much. Keep up a consistent skin care routine too.

Buy Some Unique Accessories

If you want to wow your guests, you need to use some unique accessories. There are some gorgeous wedding hair accessories available these days, and there will be one to compliment whatever hairstyle you’ve chosen. Make a statement with your jewellery too!

Get a Nice Glow

Get a nice glow by applying a gradual tan in advance of your big day. Make sure you’ve perfected application and that your palms aren’t orange. If in doubt, get a professional to do it for you! Embracing your natural skin tone is great, but you don’t want to look pasty in your pictures!

Hire a Great Makeup Artist

If you’re no good with makeup, hire a great makeup artist to do it for you. There are so many you can choose from, depending on the look you’re going for. If you haven’t got a big enough budget, practice along with Youtube tutorials.

Book Hair Trials

You want to make sure your chosen hairstyle works on the day, so book some hair trials in advance to be sure. You don’t want to hate your hair on the day!

Whiten Your Teeth

It’s so easy to whiten your teeth these days with products like Crest white strips. They can work instantly too!

Ooze Confidence

The most important thing is that you feel and look confident on your big day. Own what you’re wearing and enjoy yourself. Confidence will ooze out of you and you’ll look fabulous to all who see you.

Have an amazing day!