Great Ways To Feel Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

As a bride to be, you may have some great ideas for your perfect wedding dress. Many brides know what they like, but they can be a bit unsure about what will suit them best. There are also a lot of brides to be who want to slim down a little before they start trying on wedding dresses. Time is short so rather than extreme measures to shift pounds, why not try one of these ideas to help you feel happier and healthier in the body you are in?

Feel Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Bridal spa

Lots of spas are offering day spas for hen dos or brides to be to enjoy a little pampering before their big day. With so much to do to prepare for a wedding, a day spa full of luxury and relaxation may be just what you need to rejuvenate and unwind. You can also choose from lots of different beauty treatments to ensure you are looking your best on your big day. There are facials and body wraps. You can also have your nails pampered so that bridal polish will look stunning on the big day.


Taking a course of just ten yoga classes can help you feel stronger, calmer and more focused to cope with anything that wedding planning may throw your way. A combination of special breathing techniques and gentle stretching can help ease your worries and bring calm to your big day. It can also help tone those muscles to give you a sleeker look for your whole body.

Dress shopping

The more dresses you try on, the more chance you have of finding the right dress for your current shape. This way, you won’t have to worry about changing your body to suit the dress. Pick a good boutique to browse wedding dresses, so that you can get some great advice about which style is best for you. Don’t forget, you need to pick one at least three months ahead of the date so it can be altered to look as gorgeous as you do.

Get with the girls

A hen party is far more than just a big bash to say goodbye to single status. It is also a great chance to catch up with all your girlfriends and talk girly stuff. When we are getting married, we seem to spend more and more time with our husband-to-be, talking about houses and babies. Sometimes a good girly gossip is all you need to feel fantastic about being you.


You can pick up a detox recipe and method online, or even from your local chemist. They are designed to rid your body of all the nasties that build up from our regular diets so you can start again fresh and clean of toxins. These can be tough to do, but feeling hungry is often the worst of it. When it’s over you can choose to clean up your diet or carry on as before. Sometimes it’s just good to have a clear-out!