Inexpensive Thoughtful Presents for Your Bridesmaids

The list of our wedding guests usually consists of our family members, best friends, colleagues, neighbours, and bosses. We mentally categorize this list of people in sections from important to relatively less important.

Inexpensive Thoughtful Presents for Your Bridesmaids

We place our friends and immediate family members in the important section and the remaining in the latter section.

But there is a secret section in our minds where we store the names of our best friends. These friends are the ones who become the bridesmaids to the bride and groomsmen to the groom. These are the people who have been with us through thick and thin. And they are the ones who should receive the best wedding favours from the couple.

The institution of incorporating bridesmaids and groomsmen dates back to the Roman times. The ancient Romans were very superstitious and believed that 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen would shield the couple from evil forces.

The bridesmaids would dress similarly to the bride in order to confuse the malicious spirits. Now the bridesmaids don’t have the pressure of saving the bride’s life from the lurking evil spirits, the only pressure they face is to plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and see if everything is in place during the wedding.

No matter how much a bride loves her life partner she will always have a special place in her heart for her bridesmaids. These are the ladies in whom the bride has confided her secrets and made some of her best memories with, at some point or the other.

Personalized gifts for Your Bridesmaids

She would automatically want to pick out the most meaningful gift for her girls. However, the wedding itself incurs an enormous cost which renders the bride incapable to invest in lavish gifts for her bridesmaids. According to the survey conducted by Personalised Gifts Shop, giving wedding gifts to the guests conjures up a cost of £500whereas the bridal party itself totals upto £162!

There a lot of personalised gifts that you can give to your girls that will be very meaningful and practical. And the best part is that these gifts would not be too heavy on the pocket either. You can invest in personalised pouches, buying coloured ones according to the favourite colour of the bridesmaids.  You can also include a few vanity products, according to each of your bridesmaid’s taste.

You can buy personalised pashmina shawls of their favouritecolour with their names engraved on it. Folding ballet flats along with a personalised storing case would be one of the unique and most needed gifts by your bridesmaids.

During the wedding party or later in life when they come back from clubbing your girls would need a much-needed break from dancing in heels. The chic ballet flats would provide them the comfort and style they need and since they are easily foldable they can be stored in an equally elegant bag.

Small homemade jewellery boxes with details of your wedding or the names of the bridesmaids would make for another sophisticated practical gift. Invest in a bracelet with both of your names or initials on it. Choose one colour for all the bracelets which the girls can wear to the wedding.