Wear Your White Culottes With Style For Any Wedding

White is a versatile color when it comes to fashion. It almost serves as a blank canvas which you can style and craft at will. Small wonder then that white is a favorite color of celebrities everywhere! You can rock this color with mega style when it comes to culottes. Here are a few designer tips for you to make your white culottes pants extremely fabulous and perfect for wedding guest outfits.

Wear Your White Culottes With Style For Any Wedding

Go bold – Get seen in a Wedding

Since white culottes are so versatile, you can choose to pair them with very bold accessories and tops. Some of the bold choices are:

  • Shoes or footwear.
  • Handbags
  • Jewelry of various kinds.
  • Hair accessories too.You can also show your bold choices with the patterns and colors of your tops. For instance, a bold black and white print for your top will make your white culottes look very stylish.

The choice of top – Wear some bright tops

This will depend on the look and drape of your white culottes that you plan to wear at a wedding. If you have pleats in your culottes, you should go with a simple top. The culottes themselves are known to be bulky and voluminous so you can keep your tops very clean cut. Then the result will be perfect! Some choices you can exercise when it comes to tops for white culottes are:

  • Crop tops
  • Halters
  • Fitted blouse.
  • Button up style shirts and
  • Silky blouses.

Unusual combinations

White is fabulous to experiment with! You can choose to make a unique fashion statement with your bold choices. For instance, denim goes great with white! After all, jeans and a white tee is a classic in every country! So why not try that look with your white culottes? Choose a denim top and a sweet little clutch and you have a look worth emulating at every wedding.

Gold heels, beige tops and a monochrome look with one bold-colored accessory are some of the ways in which you can stand apart.

The nautical look

Pairing up your culottes with aquamarine or other blue shades can give you a very nautical look indeed. They are perfect for a honeymoon on a beach destination. Combinations of navy, white, blue and stripes and a touch of red somewhere is perfect. So why not put together:

  • White culottes.
  • Striped blue top.
  • Red scarf and
  • Sunglasses

Your accessories

There is so much choice here as well! Your keen fashion sense should be your best guide but here are the things you should choose with special care:

  • Your footwear.
  • Your purse or handbag.
  • Your makeup and
  • Scarves that you may wear.

Celebrities have been spotted with some fabulously wonderful accessories such as capes, large floppy hats and even trench coats. But do try on your look and take a critical look at yourself before stepping out for a wedding. Not everything looks great when worn in real life even if they do look great on the pages of glossy fashion magazines!


Finally, your choice of white culottes can also be made keeping the fabric or material in mind. You can buy white in leather, silk, linen, cotton, blended fabrics and even in denim. If you simply love white culottes, then buy lots of them in different materials and prints and be the center of attraction at any wedding apart from the bride and groom of course.