Romantic, Casual Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

‘Casual’ and ‘Wedding Hairstyles’ do not really seem to go together, right? But we have had many emails asking for ideas for more relaxed hairstyles. And why not – the Bride’s hairstyle can be as casual and relaxed as the theme of the wedding is. After all, we sometimes forget that a wedding should, in the first place, be romantic and not just a formal affair.

And some weddings naturally lend themselves to a more romantic and relaxed look. A beach or a horseback ceremony in the hills, for example, calls for a more comfortable hairstyle. Braids and half-up, half-down hairstyles are the easiest to manage and accessorize. Accessories like jeweled tiaras and bands and large ornaments can glam up your casual hairstyle and make them instantly chic!

Casual Hairstyle Trends

Here are some celebrity and runway hairstyles we love, that would look perfect as casual wedding hairstyles for long haired brides. Nina Ricci’s ‘Dreamaway’, ‘Fairytale’ runway hair and makeup looks are the absolute inspiration for romantic wedding hairstyles!


Amanda Seyfried's loose braid is a great inspiration for a Romantic Wedding hairstyle
Romantic and Playful, Amanda Seyfried displays the perfect example of a Casual Wedding Hairstyle
Blake Lively's Casual Hairstyle, perfect for a Romantic wedding
Classic is now Modern! Blake Lively’s side swept hairstyle with a large ornament is an inspiration for modern day romantic wedding hairstyles.
A Romantic, loose braid from the Yolan Cris runway
The perfect, romantic, loose braid from Yolan Cris runway

Bands and Tiaras

Casual Wedding hairstyle for Long Hair
We picked this ‘rhinestone headband’ look from Nina Ricci’s runway models. The headbands can also be replaced by a jeweled tiara for a wedding.
A 'Down do' wedding hairstyle with a hairband
There cannot really be anything more romantic that letting your hair loose. Loose curl at the ends and accessorize with a Hairband or Tiara.

Check out more ideas for Wedding hairstyles with a Tiara

Side-swept, Low Ponytails

Casual ponytails for long and medium hair lengths
These side-swept ponytails work for medium to long hair. Loose waves and curls will enhance the look.

Half-up, Half-Down

Half up half down hairstyles are very popular medium length and long wedding hairstyles and give you an easy spot to fix the veil and other headpieces and hair accessories. They are casual enough for a beach wedding and romantic enough for a fairytale wedding.

A Half-updo with flowers
Accessorizing with flowers never goes out of fashion and more so, for outdoor and beach weddings
Half-up, Half-down Casual Wedding hairstyle for long or medium length hair
Two locks of hair are clipped together a back to create an interesting Half-up, Half-down hairstyle
Fairytale Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair
Romantic, Casual, Elegant – a Perfect Hairstyle for a Fairytale Wedding – Click to see hairstyle details and back-view.
Light Wedding Makeup complements a casual Wedding hairstyle
Let your naturally radiant skin shine through a layer of light and natural makeup

Complement these casual hairstyles with natural and comfortable makeup and choose hair and other accessories to lend your look a luxurious and extravagant air.