Guarantee You Look Like A Star On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be the one time in your life where you are guaranteed to look like a star. Nothing short of a princess, more beautiful than anyone else in the room. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and usually, that’s because things have gone wrong. Let’s look at some of the best ways you can guarantee you look stunning on your wedding day and the mishaps that you want to avoid.

Guarantee You Look Like A Star On Your Wedding Day

Two Sizes Too Small

When you buy your wedding dress, make sure that you purchase one that is at least two sizes too small. We know, this sounds silly, but there’s method in the madness here. By buying a dress that is two sizes too small, you will give yourself a goal. You can then work on dieting to fit into it and look the best you possibly can on your big day. If you don’t match your goal, there’s no problem. You can have the dress taken out. However, by giving yourself that goal, there is at least the possibility that you are the size you want to be for your wedding.

Practice Makes…

When you get ready for your wedding, you will hire a stylist, usually. You can complete the makeup and beauty regime yourself. Either way, you should be practicing this routine, and you want to have at least two dry runs before the big day. You need to check how long it takes you to get your hair and makeup sorted. If you don’t do this, you might run out of time on the big day. This is one of the reasons why some girls end up looking like nightmares on their wedding day. They ran out of time preparing. Want an extra tip? Waterproof makeup is your friend. Not just because you might cry but rather due to the possibility of bad weather.

Fantastic Photography

It doesn’t matter how you look; it matters how you appear. By this we mean, forget about what you look like on the day. You can forget about that. A great photographer can guarantee the memories are perfect, and that’s what counts. As such you do want to spend some time looking for a great wedding photography company. You may want to look at businesses such as Bluephoto Wedding Photography. They have got some great reviews from happy couples who have already used them walking down the aisle.

Find Your Own Style

You should try and find your own style for your wedding. Gone are the days where you have to wear a white dress and a veil. Now, you can wear whatever you like with any makeup. It’s all about finding a style that fits who you are perfect. This is the best way to guarantee that you look gorgeous as you say I do. You can even add little accessories that will boost your confidence like a Tiara. Did you know that Disney make them especially for weddings? That way, you can be a Disney princess on your special day.

Although truth be told as long as you’re happy on your wedding day, you will look beautiful. We guarantee with a wonderful smile and bright eyes; you will look like nothing short of a princess.