Wedding Dresses for a Second Wedding

Wedding Dresses for a Second Wedding
Stunning Informal Ivory Lace Halter Dress – Watters Style # 8032B

Being a bride for the second time round does not necessarily mean that you have to make a restriction on your bridal gown. While it has commonly been a tradition that only first-time brides are expected to wear white, it is also a fact that encore brides are becoming the norm. Thus, times have changed and these condescending views no longer apply.

What does this mean for you? You have a wider range of wedding gowns to choose from, and they can still be white! However, while you can practically wear whatever you want, it is also a fact that you probably have gone through that fairy tale wedding before and may want to experience something different.

For one thing, with greater maturity at your side and also changed preferences, your wedding dress will probably reflect more sophistication and glamour than your first wedding. Of course, just like first-time brides, your wedding gown should match the theme of the wedding. After all, being the bride, you will still be the focus of your wedding even though this is your second time.

Color of Wedding Gowns for a Second Wedding

If you are unsure of colors, then generalize with white or ivory, which will practically match any type of theme color.

Second Wedding Dress
Amazing Sheath Strapless Taffeta Floor-Length Wedding Dress WSC06769-TB
from: ybridal

Apart from that, pastel colors are also generally great and expected of wedding dresses, and when used with the right fabric will produce great effects especially for your big day.

Teal Color Informal Wedding Dress for Second Weddings
Cameron Blake 113603 Taffeta A-line gown with hand-beaded lace cap sleeves

What’s more, some second time brides even have a preference for a dress which is closer to an evening gown or a cocktail dress. All these should be fine as long as you and your groom are both in agreement.

Pastel Second Wedding Dress cum Evening Gown
Cameron Blake 113622 Dress with center front ruching accented with hand-beaded motif.
Second Wedding Evening Gown with Shawl
Cameron Blake 113610 A-line satin dress with ruched crisscross empire bodice accented with scattered hand-beading, side draped skirt and matching shawl.

Cuts and Styles for Bridal Dresses appropriate for a Second Wedding

One of the first things you should have in mind when selecting a bridal gown would be your body shape. It i’s best to find one that would show off the best aspects of your body, concurrently working well to hide the less desirable areas. For instance, an A-line skirt or Princess cut would be ideal for brides which are pear-shaped, as they produce a lengthy effect and works well to hide the less-than-perfect area of your body.

Asymmetrical Length Second Wedding Dress
Amazing Sheath Strapless Asymmetrical-Length Lace Wedding Dress WSC06615-TB

In case you are unsure of what would look good for you, it’s always best to try a variety of designs to see it for yourself. Bring a friend or two along for some valued opinions. Of course, ensure your friends have sound dress sense before you ask them!

Second Wedding Sheath Satin Wedding Dress

In general, most encore brides tend to select a design that is less frivolous, usually in simple designs. Some may even skew their choices towards a white suit and skirt, frocks, a long sleeved top and an A-line skirt or a simple dress with an Empire cut. All of these works really well, as long as the bride and groom is comfortable. Remember, it is YOUR wedding and you should be proud of what you are wearing. If you look and feel better in a wedding gown just like a first-time bride, then go for it!

Replacing the Veil in Your Second Wedding Dress

While the veil is commonplace for the first time bride who may be going for a chapel wedding, it is replaced by a hat or a headpiece of flowers for brides of a second marriage. In this area, the veil is still very much regarded as an element that is proprietary and culturally accepted for first time brides. However, if your dress really requires a veil, you can always compromise and have it trail down your back OR wear an old-fashioned birdcage veil to cover your eyes.

Birdcage wedding veil for second wedding
Leslie Li Women’s Rhinestone Pearl Feather Fascinator and Bridal Birdcage Veil One Size Ivory 21-F31
– $26.25

Trains for Wedding Gowns for Second Weddings

Also, long trains impose a feel of formality to a wedding, which is why they are less common for encore brides. Nevertheless, having a train which is less elaborate would still be a nice touch for a second marriage, making sure not to overemphasize on it.

Sweep Train Second Wedding Dress
Sheath Scoop Lace Sweep Train Wedding Dress WSC06738-TB

Finally, it is always a good idea to search out bridal magazines to obtain insights and also to evaluate the many options that you have on a bridal dress. Talk to bridal dress designers, or check out their websites to determine what’’s in fashion now. Here are some recommended resources to help you plan an appropriately styled second wedding:

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What’s more, with the experience that you have had from your first wedding, you should be able to make better plans and decisions on your wedding dress. In fact, you may even want to wear that dress that you somehow did’n’t get to wear on your first wedding!