Wedding Regrets: What Do Newlyweds Wish They'd Done Differently?

They’ve already been there, done it, and got the t-shirt. Newlyweds know about all the trials and tribulations that come with planning a wedding, so they are definitely the first people who you should ask for advice when it comes to organizing your own ceremony. I’m sure you have lots of questions for couples who have recently been wed. If you don’t know anyone who has just gotten married, you might be wondering who you can turn to. Well, this is where this blog post comes in! I’ve spoken to a few different newlyweds and asked them for their tips that they would give to couples who are currently planning their ceremony. Here’s what they came up with.

Wedding Regrets: What Do Newlyweds Wish They'd Done Differently?


You Should Both Be Involved In Planning

More often than not, it is often just the bride who organizes the entire wedding. This is a lot for one person to take on, and is usually the main reason why brides can get so stressed out before their big day. However, the trend of the bridezilla is almost over, and now lots of couples are joining together to plan their big event. If you are both involved with everything, the whole day will be a lot more special to both of you. And the groom won’t end up feeling left out. Plus, it gives you the chance to have a wedding that reflects both partners’ personalities.

Allow For Lots Of Planning Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your wedding certainly won’t be planned in a day. So rather than rushing at the last minute to get everything sorted for your chosen date, start your planning well in advance. This will give you time to smooth everything over if there are any unexpected setbacks. It also ensures that your choice of venue will be free for your date. Lots of venues now host weddings, private parties and corporate events, so you might find that there is a lot of competition and places get booked up early. If you know your wedding date well in advance, book the venue as soon as possible so you aren’t left disappointed!


Keep On Trying Dresses

Think you’ve found the wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed about? That’s not an excuse to stop trying on more dresses and visiting some more bridal boutiques! This is a once in a lifetime experience, so keep trying on dresses to your heart’s content! Lots of women love trying on different styles, and find that it’s a whole lot of fun. And, you never know, you might end up discovering an even better dress!


Use Planning Tools

If you and your fiance aren’t the most organized of people, you will certainly find that some planning tools will come in very handy. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can always buy a simple wedding planner journal. These are just like diaries, where you can enter all your deadlines and appointments. You can now also get some apps to help you keep up to date with your planning. Got a bit of spare cash to spend? Then it could be a good idea to hire a wedding planner. These professionals can do as much or as little as you want, but even if they don’t do much, you will find that their presence is very soothing and can stop you from getting too stressed!

Bride and Bridesmaids with Purple Bouquets


Give Some Makeup To A Bridesmaid

Even if a makeup artist or beauty therapist does your makeup in the morning, you will probably need to top up your blusher or lipstick at some point during the day. So, it’s a good idea to give one of your bridesmaids a small bag with some makeup to look after during the wedding. Then she can just hand you whatever you need when it’s time for a top up. And you’ll look amazing even once it starts to get late!

Listen To The Experts

You will hire a lot of experts to help out with your big day, including caterers and photographers. It is very important that you listen to all their tips and ideas. These people have been working in weddings for years and will know exactly how you can make yours run as smoothly as possible. So, don’t just dismiss what they have to say. If you take their advice, you will find that your wedding goes without a single hitch!

Planning a wedding is a very exciting time. But it can also be quite stressful! Hopefully, these tips from newlyweds will help you plan your perfect day!