Your Wedding Day: People You Don’t Want To Forget

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, but no matter how well you plan, there are bound to be the occasional hitches along the way. This is normal, so don’t stress when mistakes are made, but you can make your life easier by remembering to invite those important people who can make a great day even better.

Your Wedding Day: People You Don't Want To Forget

These are the people you don’t want to forget at your wedding.

The bride or groom

Okay, so this is unlikely, but as you may not see them the night before, make sure you remind them to set their alarms. You don’t want them turning up late, disheveled and stressed, as it won’t make a great start to your important day or the marriage.

Your guests

When it comes to planning your guest list, there will inevitably be compromises made. You may not like some of your partner’s family, but you will create tension if you forget to invite them, accidentally or otherwise! Your parents will also be keen to invite all those great aunts and cousins you never see, so while it may cost you extra expense by having them at your wedding, you do want to invite at least some of them.

A wedding photographer

Your wedding day may be wonderful, but if you forget to hire a photographer, you will lose out on those all important memories in the years to come. Now, while a family member could take on this role, a professional touch is going to capture those special moments with more style.


For you, the most important part of your day is the wedding ceremony itself. However, for your guests, no matter how much they deny the fact, the food is one of the highlights of their day. You don’t have to go overboard with the costs, but hiring caterers will ensure your guests don’t go home with food poisoning after consuming your mother’s famed chicken balls!


From the music played at the wedding ceremony, to the tunes you have in the evening, you want to hire a decent band to get your guests swaying in the aisles and rocking on the dance floor. Consider a string quartet or an experienced pianist for your ceremony, and for the evening celebrations, hire a band to really get the party going.

A chauffeur

Rather than run the risk of your dad’s car breaking down on the way to the ceremony, hire somebody who will take you to the wedding in style. Whether you choose to arrive in a Limo or a horse-drawn carriage, the transport is all part of the experience. Be sure to get them to stay around for the end of the wedding, as you will need somebody sober to take you home or to the airport for your honeymoon destination.


Finally, don’t forget yourself. Obviously, you will be at the wedding, but with some of the stresses involved, you are liable to forget to have a good time. Relax and have fun. This is your special day, so enjoy the occasion.