The Bridesmaids – Sample Wedding Speeches & Toasts

Sample Speech #1

I’d like to offer my deepest congratulations to my friend Kelly and her new husband Robert. Kelly, you are the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, and I am honored to serve as your bridesmaid today. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.

Sample Speech #2

Kelly, we’ve been friends for a long time. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, and now I’m so glad I can be here for you as your bridesmaid. This has been a wonderful celebration of love, and I only hope that when I am a bride one day, my wedding can be as perfect as yours has turned out to be! True love is a blessing, and I am so happy that one of my closest friends has found it with a great guy like Robert. Congratulations, Kelly and Robert!

Sample Speech #3

When we were little girls, Kelly and I used to dream about the kind of weddings we were going to have. We’d dress our Barbies in flowing gowns and rehearse for our own special day. As I remember the dreams we had as children, I know that even they could not compare to the beauty and romance that is your wedding day. Let’s raise our glasses to the bride and groom, and wish them the lifetime of love and happiness they deserve!

Sample Speech #4

I want to thank my friend Kelly for choosing me to serve as bridesmaid on her wedding day. This has been a beautiful celebration of love that I am honored to be a part of, and I know Kelly and Robert will have many happy years together. I want to say congratulations to them both — you are both so lucky to have someone so fantastic to share your life with. Here’s to health, happiness and love, now and for the years ahead!

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