Fun, Quirky Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

With the formalities out of the way, your wedding reception is a chance to relax and have a fantastic time! Since all of your friends and family have come to join you on your big day, you’ll want to make the reception fun for them too. Here are a few fun and quirky ideas you can get at your wedding reception to wow your guests, and make sure everyone has a fantastic time.

Wedding fireworks and other Fun, Quirky Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Photo Booth

You’ll of course have formal wedding pictures from your big day which will be beautiful, and take pride of place hanging in your home. But setting up a photo booth means you get to see the more lighthearted side of the day too, your loved ones having fun and relaxing at the reception. Photo booths come with silly props which make for hilarious photos, this is something your guests will enjoy doing. On the plus side it also means you get loads more photos of the day too.

Fireworks Display

A spectacular fireworks display can really add some magic to the evening of your wedding reception. You could even hand out sparklers to the guests- especially nice for an autumn wedding around bonfire night but is something that could be enjoyed all year round. You could add a big basket of cosy blankets like this and tell guests to cosy up in them while they’re watching the display.

Sweet Buffet

A sweet buffet is something that the kids are particularly bound to enjoy, but you won’t hear any complaints from the adults either! Buy some large glass apothecary jars and fill them with a selection of sweets. You could go with a theme such as retro sweets or pick ones that compliment your wedding colours. Add a couple of scoops to the table and some paper cups or containers to people to put their goodies in. Alternatively you could set up a tower of macarons or even cupcakes in pretty paper cases- you could bake these yourself if you’re good in the kitchen. This could be in addition to your wedding cake, or even instead of one if you wanted to do something less traditional.

Free Drinks Area

Thank your guests for coming by offering them free drinks at the reception. You don’t have to go for a full free bar which can be expensive, instead set up a table with some drinks dispensers and fill them with a selection of cocktails. Alternatively you could put a selection of mixed cocktails and drinks in mason jars like this and let guests help themselves.

‘Dancing Shoes’ For Tired Feet

Many of your female wedding guests are likely to have high heeled shoes on which can become painful after a long day at the wedding. This ingenious idea means you can provide your guests with ‘dancing shoes’ just simple inexpensive flip flops that they can wear to dance in. It’s something a bit different and shows you’ve thought about your guests, plus they will have the best time possible when they’re comfortable.