It's All About The Groom: How To Make Him Feel Special On Your Wedding Day

In most cases, weddings tend to be all about the bride. In fact, when you are planning your big day, you might even be shocked by just how much of the day’s focus is on you and you alone. Some women find this awkward and uncomfortable, while others revel in it. But whichever side of the fence you sit on, usually most of us agree that it is also wise to incorporate the groom more too. After all, the wedding day is about the both of you as a pair – there’s no real reason why you have to take center stage at all times. Plus, you may also find it relaxing to have some of the pressure taken off you at times. Many women feel as though on their wedding day they have to ‘perform’, so by shifting the attention onto your groom for a while it gives you a bit of a chance to just chill out and bask in the fun of the day. Here are some ways you can help to shine the limelight on your man instead, and make him feel equally as special on his big day.

It's All About The Groom: How To Make Him Feel Special On Your Wedding Day
Let him get involved

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘bridezilla’ and swear that we won’t ever turn into one. Fast forward two months into wedding planning and most of us have already gone into bridezilla territory and far beyond. But take a step back and consider your fiance’s position and role in your wedding. You might not realize it, but your obsessive and strategic planning may actually be excluding him from the day, thus making him feel detached from the whole thing. Stop and give him a chance – there are probably some things that he could organize better than you, so don’t be afraid to delegate some responsibility!

Pamper him

It’s not just us girls who like to treat ourselves to a bit of pampering, you know! Your groom will probably want to look his best by the time the big day comes around, so why not treat him to a bit of luxury? First off, suggest somewhere luxurious for him to get his suit from – a designer like Carl Nave is always worth a look. Then book him in for some surprise beauty treatments – a pre-wedding massage and a haircut, perhaps! This is also a great way to help him relieve some stress if he is having some pre-wedding nerves.

Write and make a speech

It is fairly traditional for the groom to make a speech about the bride on the wedding day (usually at the reception). But, why not try your hand at public speaking and say a few words about your man too? This can be short and sweet, if you want to go down the sentimental route. Or you can do a full-scale, planned speech – jokes, puns, funny stories – the lot! It might be nerve wracking to stand up in front of so many people, but it shows your groom how much you appreciate him and gives other people a closer insight into your relationship.