The Four Biggest Worries A Bride Has Before The Big Day

Yes, it’s a time for celebration, but it’s also one of the biggest moments in our whole lives. It’s obvious that we’re going to have some worries about the wedding. But it’s not wise to simply push them down and hope they go away. That’s an easy way to build some serious stress right before the wedding. Instead, we’re going to address four of the biggest concerns and what you can do about them.

The Four Biggest Worries A Bride Has Before The Big Day

Photo sourced by Terje Sollie


This is one that has to be discussed with the partner immediately. Budgeting the wedding is only the start. There’s a lot you can do to cut down the costs of the wedding. But you also have to think about the costs you’re asking of the guests. Think about who you’re inviting and where from and make sure that you’re not asking too much of anyone, especially if they’re flying from abroad. One way to make money less of a concern is by giving yourself plenty of breathing room to save up. If you give yourself twelve months, for instance, you have birthday and Christmas money and even tax returns to put towards it.


Even after you’ve paid, you’re not quite free from some concerns, however. Vendors will go missing and silent. A venue might have a mix-up and request another day. That wedding car you adore might not be available. There are a couple ways to deal with it. First of all, wedding insurance services like wedinsure need to be sorted out early. But make sure you have a member of the wedding party service as an emergency planner if you’re not using an actual wedding planner. Either of them should have a list of backup vendors they can call in a flash if the big day is close but you’re missing some important elements.


You really don’t want to have to deal with it, but it’s likely there’s going to be some there. Families bring expectations, friends want certain levels of involvement, and you’re going to disappoint someone. Avoiding drama is all about making your feelings and decisions clear as soon as possible. The more time you give people to come around to things, the better. And if you’re worried about any of the wedding party on your partner’s side getting a little too bawdy or embarrassing to your tastes, then just ask your future spouse to have a casual briefing with them.


We all want a perfect wedding day. However, as HuffPo states, it’s just not going to happen. The schedule will be off. You might have a half-an-hour of trying to find a piece of the wedding outfit that’s not there. Something won’t be as 100% to what you were expecting. You have to give yourself a break now and then. Take a couple weeks in your planner and clear them to not think about the wedding and those standards. There’s no point getting all wound-up before the wedding. One thing a majority of brides will agree on is that during and after the day, it doesn’t matter as much as they thought it might.

Don’t forget to have a sit-down talk with your partner if you’re having any trouble with the worries mentioned above. Sometimes, we lose perspective and another set of eyes can help us see a potential solution.