Tips For Picking Your Wedding Flowers

A big part of any wedding is the flowers. You hold them in your bouquet; they decorate your venue space. They can make a big difference to the overall look of your wedding day. But, if we don’t have much knowledge about flowers choosing the right thing can seem like an overwhelming decision to make. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some tips for picking your wedding flowers. I hope they help you when the time comes.

White Pink Bridal Bouquet


Stay local

The first thing you need to do is book in with a florist. If it were myself, I would stick with a florist near me and my venue. This is because you may have several meetings over the planning stages to make sure you get everything right. It’s also worth thinking about the logistics. This is so your flowers have less time to travel in a car or van, lowering the risk of damage.

Think about your colour scheme

During the planning stages, and often at the beginning, we make a decision on a colour scheme. This forms part of the theme of the wedding. In some cases, the colour is the theme. So it’s important to remember your colour choices before choosing your wedding flowers. When you meet with the florist, make sure you bring with you some swatches of the colours. Or have some pictures to hand of the colours and styles you like. This will help your florist determine what might work for you and your wedding.

White purple cascading bouquet


What style do you want for the bridal bouquet?

The bridal bouquet is a focal point. So make sure you have a good idea of the style and size of bouquet you want for your flowers. Many brides also choose to make their bouquet a little different to the bouquets of the bridesmaids. This makes your flower arrangement unique and special.

How about the rest of the bridal party?

Not only do you have your bouquet to think about, but there are the bridesmaids, the button holes, and the corsages to remember. A lot of brides choose to provide something floral to their wedding party. In most cases, that would be a bouquet for the bridesmaids and something delicate for a flower girl. Then there’re the button holes for the men, ensuring the grooms is a little different, and the corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom. You could decide to do more than that, but that’s a decision you need to make.

All white wedding bouquet


What flowers are in season?

Finally, don’t forget to think about what flowers are in season. Some, thankfully, are available all year round. But other types may not be readily available for the time of year you plan to marry. Your florist will have a good understanding of this, so make sure you ask the question. Often choosing a seasonal flower can have an effect on the price.

I hope these tips and guide helps you prepare for your florist appointment.